Closing quickly, for that matter.

Social networks are universally more restrictive than web pages but also more fun in significant ways, chief amongst them being that more people can participate. What if the rest of the web have that simplicity and immediacy, but without the centralization? What if we could start over?

Source: A clean start for the web –

Mozilla is knowingly walking away from any of these options because they’re bitter they could not come to dominate the Web after Firefox helped bring about the downfall of Internet Explorer. Big Tech will not support a reimagining of what the web could be since it will mean less profits. Can’t have that in a capitalist society, now can we?

There’s hope now that the Servo engine is cut loose, but the time window to avoid having a technological cycle (about 30 years or so) be dominated by corporations is closing.

And a special version of Flash for games only?

Are we ready to revisit some of the ideas of the early web again? There are trends that suggest we might just have come full circle – and I like it.

Source: The Return of the 90s Web | Max Böck

The only sites that won’t have an RSS feed are those of corporate entities that explicitly depend on keeping people on their sites, like fb.

Hopefully some enterprising engineer at google has found the Google Reader source code and are bringing it back to life…


I don’t think any explanation is needed here. However, let me add that if you later decide to change a name (to something sensible like you should have chosen in the first place), you are going to be amazed at the amount of pain awaiting you. No matter how easy the manuals suggest it is to change a name, you will find that lots of obscure software has rapidly accumulated which refers to that computer using that now-ugly name. It all has to be found and changed. People mailing to you from other sites have to

Source: RFC 1178 – Choosing a name for your computer

This is good knowledge to have when making use of this here site.

This is really scary stuff

Source: The Short Life of a Vulnerable DVR Connected to the Internet – SANS Internet Storm Center

I’ve set up DVRs and the UX/UI on most of them is appalling, along with the entire setup and configuration process. Then to find out the moment you connect them to your network they just become another attack vector, one that cannot be easily closed off.

These are pretty pricey devices that I believe can be replaced with a Raspberry Pi to obtain more flexibility and better recording quality. It’s just the software that’s needed.

Truly, a citizen of the electronic world

Having a citizenship means that you have a place in the world, an allegiance to a state. That state is supposed to guarantee you certain rights, like freedom from arrest, imprisonment, torture, or surveillance – depending on which state you belong to. Hannah Arendt famously said that “citizenship is the right to have rights”. To tamper with ones citizenship is to endanger ones most fundamental rights. Without citizenship, we have no rights at all.

Algorithmic Citizenship is a form of citizenship which is not assigned at birth, or through complex legal documents, but through data. Like other computerised processes, it can happen at the speed of light, and it can happen over and over again, constantly revising and recalculating. It can split a single citizenship into an infinite number of sub-citizenships, and count and weight them over time to produce combinations of affiliations to different states.

Source: Algorithmic Citizenship | Citizen Ex

The internet IS a series of tubes.

Submarine Cable Map 2013.

I can find just four exit points for Mexico. Is it any wonder why latency goes to hell when you’re connecting from down there?

The government needs to get its head out of its ass and pass a comprehensive set of laws that set free everything the DMCA and its ilk have made prisoner in the US.

Instant riches await the country should that happen.

Obviously, that is a pipe — heh — dream.

On the internet, most are real people with fake identities. Others are fake people with real identities.

Which one would you rather be?

The smarter Google gets, the stupider it becomes.

You have to love the fact the Internet can make an expert out of anybody in five minutes or less.

De un registrante terco

Registre este dominio a través de No es el registrar mas barato que hay, pero me pareció un buen lugar para registrar dominios por un buen precio y con un buen de extras; ademas comentarios y posts en varios foros de webmasters recomendaron esta compañía sobre otras.

Entonces ya hace varios meses compre el dominio pa’ poner este blog. Mientras la interface de Moniker no es la mejor ya que es obvio que se enfatiza tener portafolios grandes de nombres de dominio, resulto ser fácil hacer las cosas después de picarle un rato.

Ahora que estoy migrando de servidores — me gustaría tener mas experiencia manejando un servidor por mi mismo, usando las configuraciones que crea mejores — debido a problemillas con mi servicio anterior, ya tengo el servidor nuevo corriendo y configurado y atendiendo a otro de mis dominios.

El problema con el que me estoy topando es que los sistemas de Moniker se rehúsan a permitirme cambiar los nameservers que anteriormente usaba para el dominio. Me dan este error:

* Failed to update a Domain in registry. Failed to create a NameServer in the registry. Error code: 2201 – Authorization error”

Ya contacte a su soporte técnico para dejarles saber de la situación. Ya fueron dos días que no escucho de ellos; me fue dicho que ya no debiera tener mas problemas, cuando los tengo. Aunado a esto hay problemas que el sitio parece tener (conexiones reinicializadas, latencia extrema) y ya no me dan mucha confianza. Esperaba mas de ellos que lo que estoy obteniendo. Si yo tengo estos problemas no quiero ni pensar lo que un domainer profesional pasa.

Es decepcionante. Antes registraba dominios a través de Yahoo Small Business, antes de que aumentaran los precios para renovar dominios con ellos. Aunque nada mas estaban revendiendo los servicios de Melbourne IT, nunca tuve problemas como este.

Si nomas no se puede resolver esto, transfiero el dominio a alguna otra compañía. Alguien tiene recomendaciones?

P.D: Cuando hice esta traduccion, el problema aun no habia sido resuelto ¬¬

Of stubborn registrar

I registered this domain through Not the cheapest registrar around, but they seemed like a good place to register domains for a good price for a good set of features, plus comments made in various webmaster forums recommended this company over other registrars.

So a few months back I went ahead and got this domain to put up my blog. While the Moniker interface is not the best one around as it’s clearly geared towards management of big domain portfolios, it proved easy enough to figure it out.

Now I’m in the process of changing hosts as I’d like to get some practical experience in running a server by myself, using the setting I deem the best (notwithstanding the issues I’m having with my current host). The new server is up and running, and is serving another one of my domains.

The problem I’m finding now is that Moniker’s systems refuse to change the nameservers I initially entered when I first got the domain. I get this error:

* Failed to update a Domain in registry. Failed to create a NameServer in the registry. Error code: 2201 – Authorization error”

I’ve contacted their technical support about this to let them know the situation. It’s been two days since I last heard from them; I was told I shouldn’t have further problems, when I’m still having them. Couple this with issues the site seems to be having (connections reset, extreme latency) and it doesn’t inspire a lot of trust. I did expect more from them than what I’m getting. If I’m having these issues, I don’t want to think what a domainer goes through.

It’s quite a big letdown. I used to register domains through Yahoo Small Business, before they hitched up prices for renewing domains with them. Although they were just reselling Melbourne IT‘s services, they rarely had issues of this sort.

If push comes to shove I’ll just go ahead and transfer the domain to someone else. Anyone got any recommendations?

P.D: As of 2008/10/26 (when I translated the post into Spanish) the issue has not been resolved ¬¬

Pinches modems 2wire

Ayer en la noche nos quedamos sin internet en casa (no sincronización entre módem y DSLAM). Le dije a noesh los pasos a seguir para tratar de arreglar el problema:

  1. Apagar módem y desconectar cable de teléfono. Mantenerlo así por 5 minutos.
  2. Usar otro cable telefónico para conectar el módem a la salida telefónica.
  3. Tratar de usar otra salida telefónica.

De hecho estos son los pasos a seguir cuando la señal del DSL no esta llegando al módem, sin importar quien sea tu ISP (Telnor, Telmex, Verizon, AT&T, Earthlink, etc etc). Nomas por si en una de esas ocupan marcarle a soporte técnico.

Noesh hizo esto… y resulto que el módem se murió. Marcó a soporte técnico donde le dijeron que fuera por un módem a la tienda Telnor mas cercana. Fue y se lo cambiaron sin chistar. Cuando llegue yo en la tarde instale el nuevo módem (2wire 2701 Gateway) y le deshabilite la conexión al internet (PPPoE) dado que tengo un Linksys WRT54G con Linux que se encarga de controlar la conexión. Todo funciono y a la primera, algo que con el módem anterior no fue así. Hasta le comente a noesh que en esta ocasión no fue un desmadre total lograr que el internet funcionara.

Ahora adelantarse a las 0020… estando yo bien dormido, me despierta noesh diciendo que no hay internet. Se metió al router a checar la configuración y resulta que el router no puede obtener un IP del servidor PPPoE. Oh que la chingada, no que ya había quedado?. Pongo mi jeta y voy a ver que onda… y me encuentro con la sorpresa que el módem decidió rehabilitar la conexión al internet. Nomas por que si, por que se le hincharon. El módem se cree amo y señor de la conexión al internet.

Entonces sigo el procedimiento para poner el módem como puente (bridge) y resulta que… no funciona. Nada puede pasar a través del módem y establecer una conexión. Basta con checar aquí para ver que no soy el único que se ha topado con este problema. Al parecer algún idiota decidió que seria buena idea hacer que el módem carezca de un modo puente verdadero. Esto dejando fuera que al parecer te pueden negar soporte si quieres usar el módem bajo esta modalidad.

Total, termine lidiando con el módem por 40 minutos antes de — una vez mas — deshabilitar la conexión PPPoE. La luz de internet se puso roja y así se quedo. Con eso el router logro establecer la conexión.

Siento yo que mi solución va a ser conseguirme un módem puente. Si tienen problemas con la basura que son los 2wire al tratar de usar sus propios routers o servidores en alguna oficina o cibercafe esta es la mejor opción. Me tomo la libertad de sugerir el Westell WireSpeed. Es un puente bastante viejito que Verizon tenia antes pero funciona bastante bien. Obvio no van a poder llamar a soporte técnico y pedir ayuda cuando tengan algún problema.

Pero ps igual, todos sabemos que el soporte técnico de Infinitum no es el mejor. Tengo entendido que todavía no saben que es una mac. Y si, este post lo hice a la carrera por que ya me quería ir a dormir otra vez.