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It’s what I want, that’s easy.

It’s getting it that’s complicated.

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Lost post

I was going to write a post about some things you obviously are having a good time tweeting about, dearest mother of my child.

But then I decided it wasn’t worth my time; it would be better spent learning new stuff so I can provide something good to him in the future.

You know he loves bathtubs full of warm water, right?

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Still around

Yeah so I have this place a bit abandoned. I’m waiting for Cablemas to setup internet at home so I can waste my time in a good and proper manner.

It’s not that easy to get rid of me these days… no it’s not.

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At 1050 on 2009/01/10 I shall be leaving Tijuana for the foreseeable future.

Sand trickles out of my soul…

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New Year, continued

I got robbed. Couple of hobos got me from the back when crossing a bridge. I’d always looked at them with sorrow but now… now I look at them with distrust.

Kill ‘em all, I say. Kill ‘em all.

I’m also thinking Tijuana is kicking me out, with assaults on multiple fronts; I’m going for strategic retreat to fight on a new front.

Incoming reality disfunction.

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New Year

Incredibly, I spent it amongst other people at La Mezcalera instead of alone at basecamp. I wanted to be somewhere else, either at a big hotel or in another city. Sadly I couldn’t spare the resources for either party.

I guess I enjoyed myself a bit. A couple of beers, a mezcal. Someone got out a laptop for the countdown and that was that.

New Year's at La Mezcalera

A perfect stranger wished me a good year too! That got a smile out of me. A real smile at that, the sort that goes up to your eyes. Not the crooked one I use to humor people.

Went for tacos after that, then went home and watched a movie. The best part? Not tired at all and ready for the weekend.

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Of invitations to the good times

Over the past months I’ve realized I need an active invitation in order to enjoy being at a bar, pub, disco or house. If I arrive at a place and find someone friendly there that counts as an invitation too; the other person will usually provide a pathway to enjoyment.

I got this theory since I first read the Artemis Fowl series. It’s a stretch, yes, but I’ve realized it applies well to my nights out.

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Ennui, as of November 9th

I don’t really have a passion for anything these times. Days pass in a blur, punctuated by brief periods of fleeting happiness occurring only on the weekends.

I write this on a calafia, feeling the cool wind move my hair across my closed eyes. When I open them everything has a bluish tint to it and hair strands untangle themselves from eyelashes. Yet I don’t feel depressed.

It probably has to do with a thoroughly unsatisfying end to a good weekend; or the fact I didn’t get my morning coffee.

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