Keane at First Avenue

“Never can an Englishman complain about the weather.”

Tom Chaplin joking about the sub-zero weather outside.

Youngblood Hawk opened and got the crowd warmed up, and then Keane proceeded to kick so so so much ass with their set.

I only regret not getting there an hour earlier than I did. First Avenue was packed even though it was a Monday night gig.

The only song I didn’t get to hear live? Perfect Symmetry. Hopefully next time.


So Sir Paul McCartney did a concert in Mexico City’s Zocalo. By all accounts, it was a smashing success.

But what happens an hour after the concert ended? At least on this occasion, there’s an answer:

Zocalo Webcam
Picture from

Mostly people cleaning up the trash and the stage being taken down. Still, I would love to be there…

Snow Patrol at MN State Theatre

Gary Lightbody

Went to see them live for the first time ever! They did not disappoint. Ed Sheeran opened. A few notable things:

  • Ed Sheeran needs to slow down and use his devices less. He gets a bit carried away.
  • Gary Lightbody was having problems with his throat, so the set list had to change; he had to apologize to a fan requesting a song because he couldn’t sing it. Hope he gets better soon, he looked really frustrated.
  • There was a somewhat strange fixation on bodily fluids from both Ed and Gary. Ed took it off his bucket list and Gary even had to go offstage for a bit to take care of business.

That leaves the people attending the show; mostly either over 30 or below 20. Didn’t see anyone jumping around until the very end, when they played “Just Say Yes”. I know the “Minnesota Nice” reputation has to be upheld, but really, at times it seemed like people didn’t know how to react to an upbeat song.

Hope they come back soon. Pictures for your perusal on my Flickr stream (with extra link from TheThirdBar!)

Miguel Bosé

So I went, and managed to stay in the area for people who paid 500 for a ticket when I just paid250.

Miguel Bosé (by nullrend)


I’ll upload some videos later. Links to them will go in the comments.

Fabulosos Cadillacs

This past Friday the Fabulosos Cadillacs came to Tijuana. Even though the place didn’t fill up — I thought it would — the ambiance was great and I’m sure all those who went had a good time.

Because of the economy I got a ticket for $440 pesos. When I got to the Estadio Caliente and saw how the stands were organized I lamented my choice because it’s pretty big:

From where I was sitting I wouldn’t get to see anything, so when people got a bit unruly to get down to the bottom I had my chance to get down there. I do apologize to those who bought tickets for $550 pesos. There were a few impatient ones who ended up hurting themselves (picture three in the gallery) and probably didn’t get to see the concert at all.

Once down there I managed to get to the second row in front of the stage by shoving, kneeing and elbowing my way there. A hard labor that gave me good results you can see on my Flickr account. I uploaded the panoramic picture as well.

There are also tons of videos to be found on YouTube. I’m editing mine to turn down the volume a bit; I was in front of the loudspeaker tower so the audio is hideous at times. For now I’ve already uploaded one:

I’ll upload another two during the week, which you’ll be able to see in my YouTube account :)

The Good:

  • A lot of porta-potties, which a lot of people were thankful for.
  • Lots of food, if you were hungry.
  • Lots of parking. I wouldn’t know if it was expensive or not, I don’t have a car xD

The Bad:

  • Horrendous security. Some asshole could have introduced a gun and the security personnel wouldn’t have even realized it until it was too late.
  • The Cadillacs began playing at 22:15. The damn ticket said the concert would begin at 20:00.

So there was more good stuff than bad. It was a good night to sing as loud as you could.

Fabulosos Cadillacs

Este viernes pasado vinieron los Cadillacs a Tijuana. Aunque no hubo lleno total — que yo pensé si habría — hubo buen ambiente y estoy seguro que todos los que fuimos la pasamos bien.

Como la crisis esta dura me compre un boleto de $440 pesos. Ya que había llegado al lugar y vi como estarían organizados los lugares me arrepentí; el estadio esta grandecito:

Desde ahí no se vería ni madres, así que en una de esas que la gente se amontono para bajar a la cancha tuve mi oportunidad y me cole vilmente. Lastima por aquellos que pagaron $550 pesos por un boleto de cancha. Hubo algunos que por impacientes salieron lastimados (foto 3 en la galeria del Frontenis) y muy probablemente no hayan visto el concierto.

Ya estando abajo a fuerza de empujones, codazos, rodillazos y sapes me cole hasta la segunda fila enfrente del escenario. Una ardua labor que me dejo buenos frutos que pueden ver en mi cuenta de Flickr. La foto panorámica también la subí allá.

También están como muestra los vídeos que uno encuentra en YouTube. Yo ando editando los míos pa’ que no suenen tan gacho; como estuve enfrente de la torre de bocinas el audio se escucha bastante mal a veces, por lo cual les ando bajando el volumen.

Ahorita ya subí uno:

Faltan otros dos, que subiré en la semana y podran ver en mi cuenta de YouTube :)

Lo Bueno:

  • Hubo cantidad de baños portátiles, para el gran alivio de muchos.
  • Venta de mucha comida.
  • Amplio estacionamiento. No se si haya sido caro o no, no tengo coche xD

Lo malo:

  • Mala seguridad. Algún cabrón pudo haber metido una pistola y el personal de seguridad ni en cuenta.
  • Los Cadillacs comenzaron a tocar a las 22:15 de la noche. No mamen, el boleto decía que a las 20:00.

Mas cosas buenas que malas. Fue una buena noche para cantar a todo pulmon.