Start of daytime week

Bit of a status update.

Typing this at Bachelor Farmer Cafe. Expensive but there’s good wifi and the chairs are comfy. It’s becoming a bit of a habit after a shift at SysadminJerb but somehow the vibe here lets me think, which is nice. I can then go home and sleep and still feel productive about my night at work.

It’s getting cold. Got me a cool leather jacket but I will definitely need more heavy winter gear.

Still working at merBOHjob… which makes for long shifts when there are days when I have to work at both places at once. Staying up 30 hours or more is now a common occurrence and it would seem my psyche has stabilized enough to be able to do this and not feel like I’m losing myself anymore.

Chuckling as I type this cos one of the barists totally looks like she doesn’t want to be here, and she looks like the old GM at 112 that is a… colorful character, to me.

Oh right, I got kicked out of 112 this past Sunday. First time I’ve been kicked out of a restaurant. Just walked out, didn’t fight it. At least now I know for sure they don’t want my business, nor any business I might send their way. Guess I could send people to bFOHjob but I’m pretty sure they also fucken hate me.

Guess I’ll have to send people to Bachelor Farmer.


The error message from Virtualbox reads:

"Cannot enable nested VT-x/AMD-V without nested-paging and unresricted guest execution!


Encountered this error when trying to run any VM under VirtualBox Version 6.0.12 r133076 (Qt5.6.2). I’m assuming all versions of VBox are affected when running under Windows 10.

Looking around the web found this reddit post where this solution is proposed:

PS C:\Windows\system32> bcdedit /set hypervisorlaunchtype off

On my system (Windows Version 10.0.18362.329) it didn’t ask for a reboot but even after rebooting VirtualBox still didn’t work. That’s when I remembered I had enabled the Virtual Machine Platform option in the “Turn Windows Features on or off” section of Programs and Features. Disabling this feature and rebooting allowed Virtualbox VMs to boot without issues.

Here’s how to disable the option through PowerShell with Admin rights:

PS C:\Windows\system32> Disable-WindowsOptionalFeature -online -FeatureName VirtualMachinePlatform

I’m not sure if other Hyper-V options would affect VirtualBox in the same way but it’d seem they do. Posting up here mostly so it doesn’t get lost in social media link morass.

This Galaxy is vast; its wonders and beauty are almost unfathomable. But the galaxy also hides dark secrets, some of which have lain dormant since the beginning of time itself. There is a danger in secrets, both in seeking and in knowing. Some things are meant to be hidden from view. Some mysteries defy understanding, and sometimes even the things we think we know are untrue. Some secrets should remain untouched. Secrets can tempt your primal instinct, and lead you again into war. The Halos were one such secret.


It’s been over eleven years since we got an actual valid comment on this website. The rest has been all spam.

Back into the aether

Well, I just done and got me an IT job again. To actually keep it I:

  • Quit at tKitchenJob.
  • Ended up walking out at pbFOHjob. This place is a shithole and I don’t think I’ll ever see a paycheck from it; in the event I do I will probably never see my actual tips.
  • Reducing hours at merBOHjob. They don’t like it but what’cha gonna do? You can’t pay me.

I think I’ll call this IT job… honeyJerb. Jen would be proud.


The GM put in his 30 day notice at tKitchenJob. That means they (we) will need a new GM. I believe I would be good at it. Yes in the beginning I would totally fucken suck at it… But I care about the place and I want it to be around for another ten years. I want it to be great. I want it to be the best.

At merBOHjob the KM sat down with me. He got dropped a bombshell: We have until September to come up with a new menu. They (as in “Company execs) were cagey about” when” in September, so we’re going with September 1st. There are limiters at work; first and foremost: People who are Not Cooks will cook the food. And execution is everything.

Picked up a bartender gig at rbFOHjob. The bar manager knows I am baby bartender but has told me to be patient and pay attention. This place is a shitshow but he has been able to make it move. Doesn’t really matter whether it moves forward or not… As long as you keep moving.

I am trying to figure out a time to interview in person at [popular bar in North Loop]. I don’t think this will go anywhere as they want me to start as something other than a server, yet they are hiring servers. I’ll just go collect intel and call it a day.

I will apply to the GM job at tKitchenJob. I would love to get the job but I’m pretty sure I’ll be told I’m not “what they’re looking for”. I’ll put in my two weeks if they say no. I kept telling family “While everyone else throws in their hat, I’ll throw me knife. Even if I don’t win everyone else will be one finger short”.

I’ll work on the menu thing. This will let me learn things in general. Need to learn things. MUST LEARN NEW THINGS.

At rbFOHjob… I’ll stick around, see what happens. Worse that can happen is I barback for everyone. Given what happened last shift… Guests will tell managers to make me a bartender. Can’t lose anything but the job.

That was A Week

Sunday, July 16

Massive fight cos I did not want to move from bed after a week of 12 to 14 hour days. The core of it was that her feelings about what other people might think about me are more important than my physical well-being. I hit myself in the head and downed a pint of cold-press concentrate.

She ended up going to her parents’ on her own. Now hopped up on caffeine I stayed at home and cleaned. Fell asleep on the couch.


16 hour day between a busy time prepping and cooking lunch service at tKitchenJob, then dealing with more covers than usual at bFOHjob while severely understaffed. Getting home I find a big-ass box in the middle of the living room and I immediately get pissed because at this point I have been the only one consistently cleaning for weeks on end. I get loud enough to wake 🐝, who says she wanted to show how much she appreciates it.

I replied we wouldn’t need it if she helped clean. I slept on the couch again.


tKitchenJob was steady, but things at bFOHjob were a repeat of Monday, replacing the two servers with another pair. Slept on the couch again.


Busy lunch at tKitchenJob, had a chance to relax a bit on their outside benches with a glass of wine. Then off to Yeasayer at the Fine Line Cafe. I am exhausted and dead on my feet, but we manage. We still end up getting in another fight so I barely move the rest of the show and concentrate on not falling asleep right there and then (I still think I fell asleep fully standing up for about ten minutes regardless of the loud music. At the end of the show she said she was going for drinks with friends.

I am aghast. I just asked for keys, went home, and fell asleep on the couch.


Got fucked over at tKitchenJob, then got fucked over again at bFOHjob with the usual combination of high bookings and low staff. Getting home I find 🐝 has cleaned a bit; the conversation went a bit like this.

🐝: I have been a shitty girlfriend and I need to change things.
null: Good. I have been overreacting mostly because **I am tired** and it’s hard to work all day and then get home and have to clean.

I think we’re okay. We both sleep on the bed.


tKitchenJob was steady prepping throughout, something for which I am thankful. bFOHjob… fucken’ clusterfuck. Friday night, two servers, one food runner, one wait assistant. No host, the GM was hosting. We got hit hard that day.

At the end of the night the GM wanted a high-five for surviving the night. Bitch, please.

Getting home I eat something with 🐝. I am desperate for sleep but the food is appreciated.


🐝 leaves for work early, she’s opening at work.

I get to bFOHjob in the afternoon; got a barback shift. Getting there and… going to have to prep in the changing room/locker/storage space cos there’s a bachelorette party out front. Fine.

Borrowed a decent knife from the kitchen and got a talking to from two cooks and the chef cos I used a knife that belongs to a specific cook instead of a house knife. Up until that point I had assumed house knives were left on the magnetic knife rails and everyone gathered their stuff in their knife rolls or bains. Fine.

Get through prep… we’re short like a million things. I make do. While trying to set up one of the kegs neither the other barback nor me realize there are hoses in the walk-in cooler to carbonate the keg. Hose blows out, really loudly. I get a talking to from five people.

GM tells me I make her nervous.

Five minutes later, Bar Manager tells me I got it wrong and now I have to re-do everything.

I leave. I text 🐝 when getting home about it, then fall asleep on the couch. Wake up to a text from her saying she’s on her way.

When she walks into the apartment she says she doesn’t feel safe and is leaving. With that, she leaves.

I go back to sleep.

Sunday, June 23

I think I woke up around 1500, ate something, went back to sleep.


First day at merBOHjob. It went well and I got cut early. Went out and got drunk. 🐝 texts saying she’ll move out on Wednesday. Frankly, my dear, I couldn’t care less.

Speed of Thought

Software is supposed to be faster than you.

This simple fact is something most software developers will ever fail to understand. The rest will drive themselves unto insanity having understood the implications.

Dark liminality

Well, here we are again. Another week from hell done:

  • Walked out on bFOHjob; I make the GM nervous.
  • Reduced my hours at tKitchenJob because I’m starting at…
  • merBOHjob, doing the same thing as tKitchenJob but at a higher wage.
  • Going to try and give it a week before starting to look for another FOH job.

Lost the job, lost the girl, and I’m pretty sure I’ll get an eviction notice tomorrow Monday because… why not? It’s how the universe seems to work for me.

Anyway, as I now seem to have plenty of free time on the calendar I’ll try to make better use of it and spending re-learning how to code as I never have learned to do it properly. Or so I’m saying right now. But before I do that I’m going to get some reading material on personal finance and learn how to do forecasting; merely having a budget doesn’t cut it for me.

Hopefully I’ll also be able to sleep better tonight. Last night I was caught between being too tired to sleep and a mind racing to figure out a path forward.


Long day today. Been a while since posting and I thought I’d try something different. Just quick blurbs about my day. Right now I have two jobs; cook at tKitchenJob, and wait assistant at bFOHjob.

No, I’m not posting the real names.

Anyway, worked lunch service at tKitchenJob and it was… Odd. Just a bad pace to the tickets coming in. The guy working hot side really had a bad time of it. It was okay for me cos I could keep prepping but… Still, just a bad pace all around.

Then we have bFOHjob. AGM texted asking me come in earlier so I hauled ass to make it in time only to find everything already done. Then we did a special dinner for a a tequila maker aca bien popular and it was a lot of fun. The most fun I’ve had working there yet. Had a chance to try the tequilas and omfgatos they are so good. One of them is exclusive to bFOHjob and it is damn good. Yes, in bold.

Now I’m drinking at Devil’s Advocate, where, right now, seems to be ladies night. I’m two beers in and I’m getting sleepy.

Tomorrow is another double so can’t drink too much. It was a good day today. Hopefully it will be this way again.

I want a multiuser Amarok database, is what I want

Alright, so when I’m getting on my bike I usually just load up spotify on my phone, get to the “Songs” section of the app then hit “Shuffle Play”.

This is when the problem starts.

Over the past few months I’ve noticed the service will just give me recycled playlistss that happen to include:

  • The latest songs I’ve liked within the past thirty days.
  • A few songs that I’ve played a lot over the past three months.
  • One or two full albums that I like whole but fuck it, throw them in there see what happens.
  • The same exact playlist that was previously listened to within the past 24 hours because hey he might be tired and not notice.

The thing is I do notice. I don’t want to listen to mere rehashes of what I’ve listened to before; if I really wanted that I would go just go listen to Pandora or regular FM radio. Just tonight I got the very same playlist I listened to twelve hours ago.

There are reasons for this, I’m sure. Maybe the processing power for random playlist seeds for millions of users is too computationally intensive to actually provide a profit to the company, as it does make money from actual playlists curated by humans; could be their devs are lazy assholes, like most developers I’ve met; could be the company just doesn’t care, as it happens with most companies that are on public stock markets. Could also be the CEO just wants everyones sucking his dick.

I don’t know.

All I know is it annoys me and I’m looking to avoid this problem in the future. But I don’t know if any companies will actually safeguard my personal data should they go public, go get hacked, or worse— go bankrupt.

GM was very good at telling me I did not belong

Over time I was told a few things at the last job I had:

  1. “You’re an intense person. You may have trouble here.” This happened right during my hiring interview.
  2. “Maybe you just don’t fit in.”
  3. “You’re perceived as a dishonest person.”
  4. “I think you’re insubordinate as an employee because you don’t talk.”

Given those circumstances I thought it best to leave. I should have timed it better cos now I’m going to have a hell of a time actually making rent.

Abortion sometimes is necessary

Because of the nature of the abortion fight in the country, let me say this plainly: what happened to me was not the clinic’s fault. It was not the doctor’s fault. It was not his staff’s fault. There was no error of medical judgment or medical practice. It is the fault of forty years of pushing abortion care out of hospitals and stigmatizing and marginalizing women and care providers to the point where only four doctors in the United States are foolish enough to risk getting shot point-blank every day on their way to work to provide late-term abortions. It is the fault of legislators terrorizing physicians with spurious investigations instead of funding abortion research and finding ways to make the procedure safer. It is the fault of giving extremist, hateful, radicalizing discourse equal airtime with scientific fact and medical expertise. What would it look like, if we truly funded women’s healthcare? I wish I knew.

Source: Rivers Of Babylon: The Story Of A Third-Trimester Abortion – The

Sometimes it isn’t anyone’s fault but there are people who want to blame someone, so they turn to the mother. “She’s the one to blame!”, they say.

They’re wrong. And they cannot be allowed to win.

Sometimes I can cook things

In an effort to be more social I am going to be cooking once a week for my friend Trista. This past weekend we tried it out for the first time and other than some hiccups with the shopping, everything turned out pretty awesome. I did all of the cooking while she just… hung out in the kitchen while I did my thing.

I wasn’t exactly willing to just wing it, as is my wont. I actually did my homework and perused my current favorite source of recipes: Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street Magazine. This yielded two recipes:

  • Indian-Spiced Spinach with Tomatoes and Dill
  • Cape Malay Chicken Curry

Now, because of Trista’s dietary restrictions I did have to alter the curry recipe and took out the chicken, adding more of everything else because curry is good even without meat in it.

The spinach with tomatoes and dill ended up looking like this:
2019-01-19 20.03.36

It was fucking delicious. Next time I make it I’m going to get some salmon to go with it.

As for the curry,
2019-01-19 22.08.45

The mint garnish was the best part.

And… no, I’m not going to post the recipes. You can probably find something better Somewhere Out in the Internet, or go purchase a subscription to Milk Magazine, it’s worth it.

Next week I’m going to do shakshuka cos I’m working later in the evening, so we’ll have to get together in the morning to get this going. I should do Bloody Marys too, omfgatos!

Biking is THE fucking best

Bikes may still look roughly the same, but looks can be deceiving.

Source: How bicycles have changed in the last 25 years | Ars Technica

Linking to this as I look at my Trek 2018 FX2 I bought after my trusty Gary Fisher was stolen from my apartment building’s basement; by the looks of it one of the tenants is a motherfucking thief as signs have gone up about parts and bikes being stolen.

Oh right, back to the subject at hand… I remember bikes 25 years ago looked very different from what they look like now. Wondering what bikes are going to look 25 years from now.

Biked while listening to The River, by KT Tunstall. Makes it easier.

Alright so tonight after work I decided I wanted a fancy drink because I’m looking at working 34 days straight an’ shit. So I went out after working at FOHjob. Hit up [fancy basement bar] and had a couple of fancy drinks and was feeling good but they have a 0100 bar close. Closed out my tab, then went up the block to [breakfast to beer] joint cos why not?

Big mistake.

I get there, sit down, and order a Tito’s and soda. Then strike a conversation with the gal next to me. She bides me to sit next to her, I oblige. Start drinking, she immediately wants to make out.

I’m all for making out but at least let me get yer bloody name, girl. She’s not that young, I’m thinking she’s in her 50s so she’s been around the block a few times. Yet here she is, hitting up a perfect stranger for some hot PDA.

So we make out until bar close (which at 0200 is okay-ish. I’m thinking MN should move to 0300).

During this entire exchange of salivary gland fluids I didn’t volunteer my name, nor did she. I got called adorable, cute, smart, intelligent, adorable (again) and what was it I did again? (server bitch at FOHjob). Every time I’d try to answer she’d try to shut me up with her lips.

I’m okay with that. I love making out. But I also like knowing who I am making out with. Kept trying to make conversation, to no avail; she would not have it. I close our tab (I paid for her drinks too, thankfully she hadn’t drunk that much) and start walking to her place, with frequent stops for warming up, as it were. She kept saying she lived three blocks from the bar and did not try to get an Uber right from the get go so I thought we were good.

We get to her place and then she says “I’m not comfortable with you.”

Wait, what?

I’m confused. You’re giving me all the signals but… fine, whatever. Yes, I am disappointed because I would like to touch someone and I would like to be touched. Fine. FINE. FINE.

So I bid her goodnight as she’s walking up the stairs to her door. Then she realizes she’s too drunk to find her keys, walks down the stairs and opens her garage. Last I saw of her was her smile as the garage door closed.

Well, okay. That was… disappointing, to say the least.

I made my way back to my bike, biked to my place and now here I am typing this up at three in the bloody morning as a lesson to myself to not trust any random women hitting me up at the bar:

Elle the Enabler
@nullrend Your past self saved your future self. Smart.
3:05am · 11 Nov 2018 · Twitter for iPhone

Maybe she’s right. I just didn’t want to spend the night alone, is all.

Also, fuck you, Mozilla.

Since Mozilla discontinued the ability of extensions to make modifications to the UI the customization ability of Firefox has gone to shit. Hence tricks like (this)[] and (this)[] that kick back to how you’d have to do it back in the Phoenix/Firebird days.

Fuck I’m old.

Anyway I’m using the following in userChrome.css to get:

  • Tabs under the navigation/address bar
  • Multi-row tabs. No more fucking scrolling side to side. Who came up with that? It’s bloody stupid.
  • A prettier look in general
  • Makes you feel like you’re using a real browser instead of a toy browser like Chrome.

Firefox menu, navigation, and tab bars

I grabbed a couple things from the links above and made the tab bar a bit narrower. but other than that no changes. If you need to learn how to make this all work visit (this link)[].

Here’s the CSS code:

/* Firefox Quantum userChrome.css tweaks ************************************************/ /* Github: ************************************/ /****************************************************************************************/ :root { --colored_menubar_background_image: linear-gradient(#f9f9fa,#f9f9fa); --general_toolbar_color_toolbars: linear-gradient(#f9f9fa,#f9f9fa); --general_toolbar_color_navbar: linear-gradient(#f9f9fa,#f9f9fa); --tabs_toolbar_color_tabs_not_on_top: linear-gradient(#f9f9fa,#f9f9fa); --tabs_toolbar_border-tnot_normal_mode_size: 1px; --tabs_toolbar_border-tnot_normal_mode: var(--tabs-border-color); --classic_squared_tabs_tab_text_color: black; --classic_squared_tabs_new_tab_icon_color: black; --classic_squared_tabs_tab_text_shadow: transparent; --tab-min-height_tnot: 32px; } :root[uidensity=compact] { --tab-min-height_tnot: 25px; } :root[uidensity=touch] { --tab-min-height_tnot: 40px; } /* tabs toolbar adjustment */ #main-window[tabsintitlebar] #toolbar-menubar[autohide="true"][inactive="true"] ~ #TabsToolbar, #main-window[tabsintitlebar][sizemode="maximized"] #toolbar-menubar[autohide="true"][inactive="true"] ~ #TabsToolbar, #main-window[uidensity=compact][tabsintitlebar] #toolbar-menubar[autohide="true"][inactive="true"] ~ #TabsToolbar, #main-window[uidensity=compact][tabsintitlebar][sizemode="maximized"] #toolbar-menubar[autohide="true"][inactive="true"] ~ #TabsToolbar, #TabsToolbar { -moz-padding-start: 2px !important; } #main-window[tabsintitlebar] #toolbar-menubar[autohide="true"][inactive="true"] ~ #TabsToolbar:-moz-lwtheme, #main-window[tabsintitlebar][sizemode="maximized"] #toolbar-menubar[autohide="true"][inactive="true"] ~ #TabsToolbar:-moz-lwtheme, #main-window[uidensity=compact][tabsintitlebar] #toolbar-menubar[autohide="true"][inactive="true"] ~ #TabsToolbar:-moz-lwtheme, #main-window[uidensity=compact][tabsintitlebar][sizemode="maximized"] #toolbar-menubar[autohide="true"][inactive="true"] ~ #TabsToolbar:-moz-lwtheme, #TabsToolbar:-moz-lwtheme, #main-window[tabsintitlebar][sizemode="maximized"] #toolbar-menubar[autohide="true"][inactive="true"] ~ #TabsToolbar, #main-window[uidensity=compact][tabsintitlebar][sizemode="maximized"] #toolbar-menubar[autohide="true"][inactive="true"] ~ #TabsToolbar, #main-window[sizemode="maximized"] #TabsToolbar, #main-window[tabsintitlebar]:not([style*='--lwt-header-image']):-moz-lwtheme #navigator-toolbox #toolbar-menubar[autohide="true"][inactive="true"] ~ #TabsToolbar, #main-window[tabsintitlebar][sizemode="maximized"]:not([style*='--lwt-header-image']):-moz-lwtheme #toolbar-menubar[autohide="true"][inactive="true"] ~ #TabsToolbar, #main-window[uidensity=compact][tabsintitlebar]:not([style*='--lwt-header-image']):-moz-lwtheme #toolbar-menubar[autohide="true"][inactive="true"] ~ #TabsToolbar, #main-window[uidensity=compact][tabsintitlebar][sizemode="maximized"]:not([style*='--lwt-header-image']):-moz-lwtheme #toolbar-menubar[autohide="true"][inactive="true"] ~ #TabsToolbar, #main-window[tabsintitlebar]:not([style*='--lwt-header-image']):-moz-lwtheme #TabsToolbar { -moz-padding-start: 0px !important; } #main-window[tabsintitlebar][sizemode="normal"]:not([sizemode="fullscreen"]) #TabsToolbar { margin-top: 0px !important; } #main-window[tabsintitlebar][sizemode="normal"][chromehidden~="menubar"] #TabsToolbar, #main-window[tabsintitlebar][sizemode="normal"] #toolbar-menubar[autohide="true"][inactive] + #TabsToolbar, #main-window[tabsintitlebar][sizemode="maximized"][chromehidden~="menubar"] #TabsToolbar, #main-window[tabsintitlebar][sizemode="maximized"] #toolbar-menubar[autohide="true"][inactive] + #TabsToolbar { padding-top: 0px !important; } #main-window[tabsintitlebar] #toolbar-menubar[autohide="true"]:not([inactive="true"]) ~ #TabsToolbar, #main-window[tabsintitlebar] #toolbar-menubar[autohide="false"] ~ #TabsToolbar{ margin-top: 0px !important; } /* tab title in titlebar support */ #main-window[tabsintitlebar][sizemode="normal"] #navigator-toolbox #TabsToolbar, #main-window[uidensity=compact][tabsintitlebar][sizemode="normal"] #navigator-toolbox #TabsToolbar, #main-window[tabsintitlebar][sizemode="maximized"] #navigator-toolbox #TabsToolbar, #main-window[uidensity=compact][tabsintitlebar][sizemode="maximized"] #navigator-toolbox #TabsToolbar, #main-window[tabsintitlebar][sizemode="normal"] #navigator-toolbox #toolbar-menubar[autohide="true"][inactive="true"] ~ #TabsToolbar, #main-window[uidensity=compact][tabsintitlebar][sizemode="normal"] #navigator-toolbox #toolbar-menubar[autohide="true"][inactive="true"] ~ #TabsToolbar, #main-window[tabsintitlebar][sizemode="maximized"] #navigator-toolbox #toolbar-menubar[autohide="true"][inactive="true"] ~ #TabsToolbar, #main-window[uidensity=compact][tabsintitlebar][sizemode="maximized"] #navigator-toolbox #toolbar-menubar[autohide="true"][inactive="true"] ~ #TabsToolbar{ margin-top: 0px !important; } /* titlebar button support */ #main-window[tabsintitlebar] #toolbar-menubar[autohide="true"][inactive="true"] ~ #nav-bar{ margin-top: 2px !important; } /* fix for application/hamburger button in titlebar */ #main-window[tabsintitlebar][sizemode="fullscreen"] #toolbar-menubar[autohide="true"][inactive="true"] ~ #nav-bar #PanelUI-button { visibility: collapse !important; } #main-window[inDOMFullscreen="true"] #TabsToolbar { opacity: 0 !important; } /* tab height */ #tabbrowser-tabs, #tabbrowser-tabs > .tabbrowser-arrowscrollbox, .tabbrowser-tabs[positionpinnedtabs] > .tabbrowser-tab[pinned] { min-height: var(--tab-min-height_tnot) !important; } /* toolbar order (start) ************************************/ #print-preview-toolbar, #printedit-toolbar, #titlebar { -moz-box-ordinal-group: 0 !important; } #navigator-toolbox #toolbar-menubar { -moz-box-ordinal-group: 1 !important; } /* navigation toolbar */ #navigator-toolbox #nav-bar { -moz-box-ordinal-group: 2 !important; } /* bookmarks toolbar */ #navigator-toolbox #PersonalToolbar { -moz-box-ordinal-group: 3 !important; 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} /* adjust compact themes background color */ #main-window:not([style*='--lwt-header-image']) #TabsToolbar:-moz-lwtheme { -moz-appearance: none !important; background-image: linear-gradient(var(--toolbar-bgcolor),var(--toolbar-bgcolor)) !important; } #main-window:not(:-moz-lwtheme) #TabsToolbar :-moz-any(.tabs-newtab-button,.scrollbutton-up,.scrollbutton-down), #main-window:not(:-moz-lwtheme) #TabsToolbar > toolbarbutton, #main-window:not([style*='--lwt-header-image']):-moz-lwtheme:-moz-lwtheme-darktext #TabsToolbar :-moz-any(.tabs-newtab-button,.scrollbutton-up,.scrollbutton-down), #main-window:not([style*='--lwt-header-image']):-moz-lwtheme:-moz-lwtheme-darktext #TabsToolbar > toolbarbutton { fill: var(--classic_squared_tabs_new_tab_icon_color) !important; color: var(--classic_squared_tabs_new_tab_icon_color) !important; } /* toolbar borders */ #main-window #navigator-toolbox::after { opacity: 0 !important; } #TabsToolbar{ margin-bottom: 0px !important; border-bottom: 1px solid #5f7181 !important; 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box-shadow: unset !important; border: unset !important; border-image: unset !important; } #main-window:not([tabsintitlebar]) toolbar:not(#TabsToolbar):not(#toolbar-menubar):not(#nav-bar):not(:-moz-lwtheme) { background: unset !important; } } /* tab text colors */ #TabsToolbar:not(:-moz-lwtheme) .tabbrowser-tab { color: var(--classic_squared_tabs_tab_text_color) !important; text-shadow: 1px 1px 1px var(--classic_squared_tabs_tab_text_shadow) !important; } /* fix Windows 7s default tab background (remove dark purple bg color)*/ @media (-moz-os-version: windows-win7) { @media (-moz-windows-default-theme) { .tabbrowser-tab:not([selected]):not(:hover):not(:-moz-lwtheme) { background-color: #e3e4e6 !important; } .tabbrowser-tab:not([selected]):hover:not(:-moz-lwtheme) { background-color: #cccdcf !important; } } } /* Firefox Quantum userChrome.css tweaks ************************************************/ /* Github: ************************************/ /****************************************************************************************/ /****************************************************************************************/ /* multirow / multiple tab lines - modified for CustomCSSforFx **************************/ /* all credits go to the original author: ***********************************************/ /* ***********/ /****************************************************************************************/ :root { --tabs-lines: 3; 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min-height: var(--tab-min-height_mlt); max-height: calc( var(--tabs-lines) * var(--tab-min-height_mlt) ) !important; } #tabbrowser-tabs .arrowscrollbox-scrollbox { overflow-x: collapse; overflow: visible; display: block; } #tabbrowser-tabs .scrollbutton-up, #tabbrowser-tabs .scrollbutton-down, #TabsToolbar #alltabs-button, .tabbrowser-tab:not([fadein]){ display: none; } #main-window[tabsintitlebar] #tabbrowser-tabs { -moz-window-dragging: no-drag !important; } .tabbrowser-arrowscrollbox > .arrowscrollbox-overflow-start-indicator:not([collapsed]), .tabbrowser-arrowscrollbox > .arrowscrollbox-overflow-end-indicator:not([collapsed]) { opacity: 0 !important; } #tabbrowser-tabs * { overflow-x: none !important; } #main-window[customizing] #tabbrowser-tabs .scrollbox-innerbox { display: block !important; } #tabbrowser-tabs .scrollbox-innerbox { -moz-padding-end: 4px !important; } #TabsToolbar[currentset^="tabbrowser-tabs,new-tab-button"] #tabbrowser-tabs .scrollbox-innerbox { -moz-padding-end: 0px !important; } /* remove crap set by Firefox 58+ */ .tabbrowser-tab::after, .tabbrowser-tab::before { border-left: unset !important; border-image: unset !important; border-image-slice: unset !important; border: 0 !important; } #TabsToolbar .titlebar-placeholder[type="pre-tabs"], #TabsToolbar .titlebar-placeholder[type="post-tabs"]{ opacity: 0 !important; }

Goddamnit, Amazon

Source: Gordon’s Notes: Amazon reviews now unreliable – negative reviews filtered (Anker example)

I thought I was running into isolated issues as I rarely have to give negative reviews but knowing there is systemic bias in the reviews available makes all of those reviews useless to me. I’ll probably end up having to make use of the return policy much more often now.

Where else might we see this? It makes shopping online that much harder knowing the website you’re shopping at is actively fucking with your perception of it.

Should’ve gone elsewhere

Writing this at the bar as the boss sits on the spot two places to my left. Wish I were fucking joking but I en’t.

Given past… Situations I have faced with her it makes it difficult to find a common social point that won’t get me in trouble with her at work even if the events happen outside of work.

Service industry blues, am I right.

Let’s Encrypt Renewal

Yeah yeah, SSL certificates expired like what, a month and a half ago? Anyway, I needed to renew it but it attached a bunch of domains to the certificate on this host and I needed to start over. There are a bunch of options but the most straighforward for me was to just delete everything and start over. So, in the shell:

# cp /etc/letsencrypt /etc/letsencrypt.backup -r
# rm -rf /etc/letsencrypt/live
# rm -rf /etc/letsencrypt/archive
# rm -rf /etc/letsencrypt/renewal/YOURCERTIFICATEDOMAIN.conf
# certbot certonly

At this point it’ll ask you for webroot an’ stuff so just answer the questions and nobody gets hurt. These instructions work for Apache but I’m using NginX, so then you have to edit the configuration for the site(s) in /etc/nginx/sites-available/. There will be a couple lines going like:

ssl_certificate /etc/letsencrypt/live/OLDCERTIFICATEDOMAIN/fullchain.pem; # managed by Certbot
ssl_certificate /etc/letsencrypt/archive/OLDCERTIFICATEDOMAIN/fullchain.pem; # managed by Certbot

Just update them to point to the most current certification location, then restart NginX with service nginx restart

Ugh, doubles. My personal scourge.

Due to scheduling vagaries at my two jobs I end up working doubles three times a week at the least. And not just regular doubles, but “clopenings”; that is, when you close the night and then open the next day. Never any fun to be had during those days… Specially in the weekends.

I work brunch.


Sooo I guess I’m back on my bullshit

I just picked up another full-time job at a kitchen in downtown. Went and staged today and by the end of it got offered the job. I took it.

That means I now have FOHjob, in which I’m just a wait assistant with nary a chance of moving up the chain; and BOHjob, in which I’m supposed to show up at ungodly hours of the morning and… Do kitchen stuff? I’m not even sure what I’m going to be doing yet.

loud sigh

My issue is going to be scheduling. Oftentimes I end up closing at FOHjob, which will cut into my sleeping time and increases the risk I’ll be late to BOHjob. It’s not a nice feeling…

Never grow up, kids. It leads to situations like these.