web 2.0

And a special version of Flash for games only?

Are we ready to revisit some of the ideas of the early web again? There are trends that suggest we might just have come full circle – and I like it.

Source: The Return of the 90s Web | Max Böck

The only sites that won’t have an RSS feed are those of corporate entities that explicitly depend on keeping people on their sites, like fb.

Hopefully some enterprising engineer at google has found the Google Reader source code and are bringing it back to life…

On del.icio.us

I’ll always prefer the name del.icio.us over delicious.com. Blame Web 2.0 and it’s long-now tarnished promises.

I’m glad they’re offering a paid option now:

Delicious paid option banner

Perhaps the service will grow again now that the owners are actually trying to get it to work. Yahoo really fucked it up, and then it all went sideways from there.