Go big or go broke

The coffee industry suffers because its largest workforce (baristas and service staff) are often employed by the least experienced in the industry. We make it very easy for people to start cafes simply because they want to, rather than expecting them or demanding they at least know the basics of what they do. I worry we continue to set the bar too low to enter the commercial roasting business. I’m all for people being passionate about their product. I’m also passionate about people investing their energies in developing their skills before they try and leverage them in return for people’s money.

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This is one of the reasons why coffeshops have the biggest failure rates in the whole food service industry. People don’t know how to keep the quality in their products, from acquisition to final presentation for the patron.

Yeah, it’s hard

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We don’t offer any form of coffee at work. How could we? There are two real coffeeshops within half a block and we’re next door to a bakery that is thinking of adding espresso to its menu. We don’t have the infrastructure to support even a simple espresso machine either.

Were we to offer coffee, it would have to be brewed coffee, either french press or chemex, and even then it’s not guaranteed it would even sell. Plus, who would make it? The waitresses won’t want to, and in the kitchen we barely have the time as it is.

Getting coffee right in a coffeeshop is hard. Getting it right in a restaurant is even harder.