dafuq does RSS even mean, seriously

Source: How would I improve RSS? Three ideas (Interconnected)

We rely heavily on RSS to find things to read and keep up with The Noise on the Internet. We also tend to shun newsletters cos RSS is a much better tool for them and en’t nobody got time for yet more email.

We’re aware of other initiatives like JSON Feed but they require re-implementing RSS into something else. Maybe the solution is an evolution of what the protocol currently is?

Start with a proper name for the protocol though. Bonus points if someone figures it out how to make it recursive.

And a special version of Flash for games only?

Are we ready to revisit some of the ideas of the early web again? There are trends that suggest we might just have come full circle – and I like it.

Source: The Return of the 90s Web | Max Böck

The only sites that won’t have an RSS feed are those of corporate entities that explicitly depend on keeping people on their sites, like fb.

Hopefully some enterprising engineer at google has found the Google Reader source code and are bringing it back to life…


RSSOwl screenshot

RSSOwl screenshot

The software works mosly as billed. It does have its quirks since it’s Java-based, but works. Just mind your Google Reader integration, since it is still somewhat broken (search for “rssowl http 400” to find out).

It does make you wonder about the overall quality of the code, when feeds aren’t sorted alphabeticaly by default.

Google Reader

It seems Google finally got around to enabling Google Reader access for Google Apps users!

However, there are some caveats:

  • It all behaves like a brand new Reader setup, which means your Trends data is a blank slate and you won’t get anything useful from the Home link.
  • You need to manually export your feeds and then manually import them. This means it’s a good chance to prune your RSS sources.
  • Sharing contacts aren’t setup automatically. You have to look them up one by one.
  • Reader doesn’t show up on the Google Apps control panel yet.

Apart from that, everything seems to work just fine.