Snow Patrol

Snow Patrol at MN State Theatre

Gary Lightbody

Went to see them live for the first time ever! They did not disappoint. Ed Sheeran opened. A few notable things:

  • Ed Sheeran needs to slow down and use his devices less. He gets a bit carried away.
  • Gary Lightbody was having problems with his throat, so the set list had to change; he had to apologize to a fan requesting a song because he couldn’t sing it. Hope he gets better soon, he looked really frustrated.
  • There was a somewhat strange fixation on bodily fluids from both Ed and Gary. Ed took it off his bucket list and Gary even had to go offstage for a bit to take care of business.

That leaves the people attending the show; mostly either over 30 or below 20. Didn’t see anyone jumping around until the very end, when they played “Just Say Yes”. I know the “Minnesota Nice” reputation has to be upheld, but really, at times it seemed like people didn’t know how to react to an upbeat song.

Hope they come back soon. Pictures for your perusal on my Flickr stream (with extra link from TheThirdBar!)