We had to be the know-it-all

The past two weeks have been… weird. At musicbarJerb we’re kinda sorta getting more fare? We think?

The booker is still working through his friends looking to do gigs. It’s a good look for him and his friends but… it leaves us, the staff, with no tips. And that’s really what makes staff stay. Booker is straight up fucking people over just so he looks good.

We’re in Minneapolis so we still get our $15 USD hourly. But also does everyone in town with live music, and if our booker is not maximizing occupancy in the stage, then he’s fucking everyone else over. Apparently The Powers That Be still haven’t gotten the message. They trust him blindingly just cos he’s toured the world over.

They won’t listen to us poors, hourly staff.

But that’s our opinion. We can only see what our wages plus tips are. We also talk to coworkers about it, trying to get a feel for the situation. Already got two people out the door cos _they’re not making enough money_. We do know for a fact this is not a situation they see at the jazz spot over on Nicollet Mall. Their staff have stayed for a long, long time.

Knowing our luck, those people are going to walk and instead of moving me up, The Powers That Be will hire new people, cos we’re the only who know where everything is. There are multiple bartenders, there are multiple hosts, there are multiple servers, there are multiple cooks.

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And that’s facts

Extreme closeup of an stage. There's half a human in there, and what looks to be the top end of a bass?

🎶 today was a good day. We think.

We’ve been at musicbarJerb for just over a month. It’s been pretty good other than the physical layer (aka “my body”) suffering under the stresses of long-thought-gone abuse, for we are a mere runner. We run to help the bar, help the servers, help the kitchen.

Our bosses didn’t think the job was so physical, but hey, here we are, the only hourly employee to actually get full time hours. We kinda know the food, we kinda know the drinks, we kinda know when to fuck off and let people make out uninhibited instead of refilling their water glasses.

Maybe, in time, we’ll move up. We don’t expect it. It’s not Minnesota culture to have people like me serve you, or make you drinks.

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