April 2024

Standard Mandarin will be a challenge

The cynical observation is that people pay a lot of money to register as operators for new gTLDs, and who is going to turn down that money? The operators may not make much money (but maybe they do, from some spammers), but the people who approve new gTLDs and get money for them sure do.

An interesting report on newly used domain names and their usage in spam – Chris Siebenmann

We just watched the Fallout TV series and the cynical observer in us can’t help but think it’s Vault-Tec taking a dollar from us humans to pay RobCo, which in turn takes a dollar from us to pay ArmCo, which in turn takes a dollar from us to pay Big Mt, and so on and so on.

gTLD miners know they are basically unbound by law. They’re going to keep digging into the English dictionary and when they run out, start on other languages.

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We had to be the know-it-all

The past two weeks have been… weird. At musicbarJerb we’re kinda sorta getting more fare? We think?

The booker is still working through his friends looking to do gigs. It’s a good look for him and his friends but… it leaves us, the staff, with no tips. And that’s really what makes staff stay. Booker is straight up fucking people over just so he looks good.

We’re in Minneapolis so we still get our $15 USD hourly. But also does everyone in town with live music, and if our booker is not maximizing occupancy in the stage, then he’s fucking everyone else over. Apparently The Powers That Be still haven’t gotten the message. They trust him blindingly just cos he’s toured the world over.

They won’t listen to us poors, hourly staff.

But that’s our opinion. We can only see what our wages plus tips are. We also talk to coworkers about it, trying to get a feel for the situation. Already got two people out the door cos _they’re not making enough money_. We do know for a fact this is not a situation they see at the jazz spot over on Nicollet Mall. Their staff have stayed for a long, long time.

Knowing our luck, those people are going to walk and instead of moving me up, The Powers That Be will hire new people, cos we’re the only who know where everything is. There are multiple bartenders, there are multiple hosts, there are multiple servers, there are multiple cooks.

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the human isn’t moving up at musicbarJerb.

We’re getting used to the beatings.

Already got in trouble with The Powers That Be, at musicbarJerb, due to the human complimenting people in ways that are not workplace approved by a federal agency in the United States of America.

(the human hugged and kissed someone on the forehead, and complimented someone else endlessly. But they also brought up work roles and that’s a NO NO).

The human is apologetic, and the entities running this here blog have made sure to adjust all expectations and hope accordingly.

Capitalism demands our (remainder) of soul. We shan’t give it. We may license it.

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