Speed of Thought

Software is supposed to be faster than you.

This simple fact is something most software developers will ever fail to understand. The rest will drive themselves unto insanity having understood the implications.

Dark liminality

Well, here we are again. Another week from hell done:

  • Walked out on bFOHjob; I make the GM nervous.
  • Reduced my hours at tKitchenJob because I’m starting at…
  • merBOHjob, doing the same thing as tKitchenJob but at a higher wage.
  • Going to try and give it a week before starting to look for another FOH job.

Lost the job, lost the girl, and I’m pretty sure I’ll get an eviction notice tomorrow Monday because… why not? It’s how the universe seems to work for me.

Anyway, as I now seem to have plenty of free time on the calendar I’ll try to make better use of it and spending re-learning how to code as I never have learned to do it properly. Or so I’m saying right now. But before I do that I’m going to get some reading material on personal finance and learn how to do forecasting; merely having a budget doesn’t cut it for me.

Hopefully I’ll also be able to sleep better tonight. Last night I was caught between being too tired to sleep and a mind racing to figure out a path forward.


Long day today. Been a while since posting and I thought I’d try something different. Just quick blurbs about my day. Right now I have two jobs; cook at tKitchenJob, and wait assistant at bFOHjob.

No, I’m not posting the real names.

Anyway, worked lunch service at tKitchenJob and it was… Odd. Just a bad pace to the tickets coming in. The guy working hot side really had a bad time of it. It was okay for me cos I could keep prepping but… Still, just a bad pace all around.

Then we have bFOHjob. AGM texted asking me come in earlier so I hauled ass to make it in time only to find everything already done. Then we did a special dinner for a a tequila maker aca bien popular and it was a lot of fun. The most fun I’ve had working there yet. Had a chance to try the tequilas and omfgatos they are so good. One of them is exclusive to bFOHjob and it is damn good. Yes, in bold.

Now I’m drinking at Devil’s Advocate, where, right now, seems to be ladies night. I’m two beers in and I’m getting sleepy.

Tomorrow is another double so can’t drink too much. It was a good day today. Hopefully it will be this way again.

I want a multiuser Amarok database, is what I want

Alright, so when I’m getting on my bike I usually just load up spotify on my phone, get to the “Songs” section of the app then hit “Shuffle Play”.

This is when the problem starts.

Over the past few months I’ve noticed the service will just give me recycled playlistss that happen to include:

  • The latest songs I’ve liked within the past thirty days.
  • A few songs that I’ve played a lot over the past three months.
  • One or two full albums that I like whole but fuck it, throw them in there see what happens.
  • The same exact playlist that was previously listened to within the past 24 hours because hey he might be tired and not notice.

The thing is I do notice. I don’t want to listen to mere rehashes of what I’ve listened to before; if I really wanted that I would go just go listen to Pandora or regular FM radio. Just tonight I got the very same playlist I listened to twelve hours ago.

There are reasons for this, I’m sure. Maybe the processing power for random playlist seeds for millions of users is too computationally intensive to actually provide a profit to the company, as it does make money from actual playlists curated by humans; could be their devs are lazy assholes, like most developers I’ve met; could be the company just doesn’t care, as it happens with most companies that are on public stock markets. Could also be the CEO just wants everyones sucking his dick.

I don’t know.

All I know is it annoys me and I’m looking to avoid this problem in the future. But I don’t know if any companies will actually safeguard my personal data should they go public, go get hacked, or worse— go bankrupt.