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C’mon, now

I’ve been trying to get the damn Debian Wheezy installer to work via USB on a Thinkpad T60 for the past three days without any success. Sure, it works like a charm when put on a CD or a DVD and booting from there, but that is beside the point. I’ve tried various methods I’ve… Read more »

Set Qt mouse pointer inside GNOME

You don’t have to install theme packages, engines or extra apps. All you need is already on your Debian system: # update-alternatives –config x-cursor-theme There are 2 choices for the alternative x-cursor-theme (providing /usr/share/icons/default/index.theme). Selection Path Priority Status ———————————————————— * 0 /usr/share/icons/DMZ-White/cursor.theme 90 auto mode 1 /usr/share/icons/DMZ-Black/cursor.theme 30 manual mode 2 /usr/share/icons/DMZ-White/cursor.theme 90 manual mode… Read more »

The no-bullshit Samba plus Nautilus network shares method.

Here is how to setup Samba and GNOME Nautilus to allow user directory sharing without having to allow root access. These commands are made with Debian in mind, so if you want to use them for your Linux distribution, you’ll have to adapt them. Install samba and nautilus-share. # aptitude install samba nautilus-share Rename your… Read more »


Lenny is good. Rock solid, just like the name ‘Stable’ promises. But it wasn’t enough. So I updated to Squeeze. That wasn’t enough. Went up to Sid. These guides helped. So now I’m running the latest and would-be-greatest. Going to run a server with it. Yes, I’m insane.