Fire With Fire

Fire With Fire | Ross Kauffman from Focus Forward Films on Vimeo.

What if, in the future, all of us are receive a vaccine made from a chimera virus? A virus that could not have ever evolved on its own?

Take the most infectious, most virulent, most deadly. Make a vaccine out of it.

Then this virus is used as a vaccine. Some governments use it as a precursor for biological weapons… which obviously don’t work as everyone on the planet receives the vaccine even if you were not injected with it. The virus infects everyone on the planet.

A few million die… but the rest are guaranteed to never develop cancer in their lifetimes.

It’s the stuff of science fiction, made reality. I’ve only read one story that makes use of this argument and sadly, I’ve forgotten the name of it. It involves a mermaid and her lover, whom has come to find her after he died.

Keane at First Avenue

“Never can an Englishman complain about the weather.”

Tom Chaplin joking about the sub-zero weather outside.

Youngblood Hawk opened and got the crowd warmed up, and then Keane proceeded to kick so so so much ass with their set.

I only regret not getting there an hour earlier than I did. First Avenue was packed even though it was a Monday night gig.

The only song I didn’t get to hear live? Perfect Symmetry. Hopefully next time.

Wreck-It Ralph

So much licensing Disney must’ve had to do. WOW. If some of the villains are here now, I predict that of the more popular heroes will show up later, or even at the end of the movie.

So far this is like “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?” for video gamers.


La Caminata Nocturna

Illegal Border Crossing in Mexico – YouTube.

“El parque EcoAlberto tiene una actividad única que no van a poder encontrar en otro lugar”

“El Sueño Americano es regresar a México?” “Si”

“Las peores criticas que hemos recibido, disculpen, pero es del estado, de nuestro estado de Hidalgo. Son ellos los que nos han dicho que es una burla para los migrantes. Son de ellos quienes han sacado que nosotros entrenamos a la gente para que se vayan. Pero no los preparamos pa’ que se vayan sino para que se queden, a redoblar esfuerzos y hacer las condiciones necesarias para que sean auto-suficientes.

Pero eso tambien sabes que, no le conviene al gobierno. Por que un pueblo organizado y desarrollado, no es manipulable. Partimos con el 90% de que nuestra comunidad era migrante, era un pueblo fantasma y ahorita mas o menos el 60% se queda, en cuatro años. Podrían preguntarle al gobierno de México si ha hecho eso.

Brussels Express

And the people in charge of Mexico City, when will they have the courage to actually say “enough is enough!”? Lopez Obrador screwed the Metro and built his 2nd floor, which is now falling apart.

What happens in five years? Ten? Fifteen? You can’t just build second floors all over town.