A DALL-E, but for music

In short, TikTok virality isn’t great for sustained careers, but it does represent a monumental shift in what it means to make audio as an art.

Source: The Unlikely Odds of Making it Big on TikTok

The length of a tiktok video is perfect to have some audio as the carrier of an action within the video, but it is rarely the main thing to be consumed in the video itself.

How long before someone figures out how to create music via machine learning? Something may already exist that I’m not aware of.

“Love the smell of thermal detonator in the morning”

Biden decided to bomb Syria cos it’s what the US does, after all. Bomb the shit out of brown people.

We’ve got some memes going around (this is but one example) about Democrats continuing the Republican tradition.

If it actually happens IRL many lulz will be had at Biden’s expense and he’ll fucken deserve it.

That and Kamala is probably pissed that pigs en’t getting money to terrorize people of color.


Contare la historia de una famosa persona. Todos la conocen por el apodo de “Chona”