A new mythology

These characters no longer truly belong to the writers who are writing their stories. They exist independent of their individual fictions. In our minds, many of their traits are already set in stone.

Source: Captain America Isn’t Bi or a Nazi, He’s Just God | Myths RETOLD

Fandom lets us ignore the shitty decisions made by ‘owners’ of our contemporary myths at the bottleneck of IP law.

Source: Captain America (Updated): On the heroic epic, the nature of story, the implied contract with the reader, the dumpster fire that is Marvel Comics’ choice to pursue this storyline, and why indefinite copyright is harmful to contemporary myth: a cranky Twitter rant.

The corporate behemoths that now own all of these characters have no idea how to plan for the long term. They keep wanting to bring stories of the past into the present, but what about stories of the present taken into the future?

No amount of copyright law will change the fact a character’s mythos are an organic thing that grows, changes, mutates, evolves, as time goes on and more people are made aware of it.

This left me reeling

Morale is down. We are making plenty of money, but the office is teeming with salespeople: well-groomed social animals with good posture and dress shoes, men who chuckle and smooth their hair back whe

Source: Uncanny Valley | Issue 25 | n+1

What is this? It makes me feel like I’m missing out on my own life.

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~ Mermaids & Books - Floating Libraries
<3 Imagine a Siren, floating face up, looking up at the moon. She turns her head to the horizon and can’t see where the sea begins and the sky ends. There are stars everywhere, from the soft light reflecting off the waves, to the glorious streams of the Milky Way. There, in the distance. A tiny light. A ship, plying the slow waves. He mind wanders to all the Floating Libraries she’s visited over the years. Only a few more and she’ll be the only one ever to visit them all! She closes her eyes and begins to hum to herself. The waves grow quieter. The wind blows gently, carrying the sounds with it. The tiny light of the ship stops, then veers towards her. She can only smile.