Milk Wars!

The war on milk | MinnPost.

I’m pretty sure there are more people in Minnesota who have drunk raw milk this year than there are people in the whole of Mexico.

Now I want to try some raw milk and find out for myself what the fuzz is all about. Illegal? Maybe. Could I get sick and die? Yeah, same as with anything else.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

I wouldn’t still be able to vote… yet.

Most people associate such exhaustive money-laundering with drug cartels. But it’s now standard practice at firms like Eli Lilly, Google, Microsoft, Pfizer, and Facebook. The only difference is that when drug dealers do it, the government shows up with Kevlar and automatic weapons instead of a refund check.

via The 10 Most Corrupt Tax Loopholes – Page 1 – News – Minneapolis – City Pages.

I need to set myself up as a Delaware corporation, then sell my mind to that so my body can license it. Then maybe I could set a subsidiary of myself up in Mexico so I could travel unhindered by the TSA or the Border Patrol even if I carry a kilo of whiter-than-snow pure cocaine.

It’d be for R&D purposes, obviously.

Disband the TSA, now.

That children are now being conditioned to allow strangers to shove hands down their pants, that young women are subjected to genital inspections before being allowed to pursue their careers, that innocent people are adopting poses of humiliation and surrender in response to barked commands, is such a great harm to our society that no one with any sense of history could consider reducing the risk of an astronomically remote adverse event to be justification for TSA’s reprehensible actions. There’s just nothing to balance here. The harms are enormous, the benefits are make-believe. Disband the TSA, now.
Nat Friedman - TSA debate