Moro would chew him and then spit him out

Instead, Gaiman thinks that everything that went wrong with Princess Mononoke, “came down to Harvey Weinstein being petty.” He tells a story of how, after the film’s first official screening at the New York Film Festival, Weinstein informed Gaiman that he planned to renege on Disney’s deal not to cut the film.

Source: Princess Mononoke: The masterpiece that flummoxed the US – BBC Culture

Not only a rapist of people but of films too.

Okay three two one let’s jam

A lot of that specialness came from the crew involved. Cowboy Bebop’s director, Shinichirō Watanabe, delegated work. He gave the staffers at the Sunrise studio enough room to put themselves into the show. “As a director, there are times when I don’t feel like dealing with details,” he said.1

Source: How They Designed the Characters of ‘Cowboy Bebop’

Each person in the team is a master of their own craft and they were given the freedom to put themselves into the characters they created.