Change for the better

Migrated over to Ubuntu 8.04 64-bit, so haven’t posted much because of that. I’m trying to wean myself off Windows. The screenshot above is how it currently looks at 1600×1200. While it does look like Windows, obviously I’m able to do so much more (nmap, anyone?) plus I really don’t like the default GNOME look. Too much wasted screen real state.

I still need to figure out how to get my nokia cellphone to work with it without resorting to virtual machines, import my winamp library ratings over to amaroK (try rating 8000+ songs all over again) and set up a working LAMP stack

What made this possible was the installation of DD-WRT onto my Linksys WRT54g router, enabling me to use it as a bridge to the main AP and bypassing the crappy no-name wlan card I installed on the system a looong time ago. I need a real video card as well… I’m using the VESA driver to get to work with my SiS 760Gx integrated video solution (look here to learn why) and got it to work by editing the xorg.conf file to switch over to VESA. It’s a bit slow… but it works. More RAM would help too…

All in all it’s proving to be quite nice. A change for the better, I’m sure.