Bouncing back and forth.

A month ago, I was moving from Minneapolis to Rochester to work at a store in which a family member is involved. The warning was the other partner was hard to work with and would grind you down if you let him.

He is a micromanager. He is an asshole. He is a bikeshedder.

In a month, he ground me down enough for me to explode at him. Merchandise was broken. I almost spent the night sleeping outside in 10°F weather.

Now I’m back in Minneapolis looking for a job to love, in which I at least have the freedom to sell the way I like to sell. To sharpen my skills and do what I love — working. Even dishwashing is a good job if you like to have people say “these are the cleanest dishes I’ve seen at a restaurant.” That’s what I want.

Sad part is, I saw what Rochester needs and wants and I think I would have been able to provide it, in time. Now I’m afraid I won’t ever have the chance.

Si la vida te da limones, se los avientas de regreso hasta que te dé las naranjas que le pediste.


Now I have a fork in the road.

Do I remain where I have been so far? Safe and warm, but with slim-to-none possibilities of employment other than the usual allotment to those of my kind?

Or do I throw myself headlong into the unknown? I’d have support, but the unknown is precisely that — unknown.

There is an inkling to the far west, in the city by the bay…

In which reddit teaches you of confidence

Gaining confidence is catch 22; you’re not confident because good stuff doesn’t happen to you, and good stuff doesn’t happen to you because you’re not confident.

So here’s the key: Pretend to be confident, act confident even when you don’t feel it. Don’t be a scumbag but hold your head up high. Force yourself to talk to people even when you’d rather not. Pretty soon all that good stuff that those confident guys get – that’s coming your way. That will boost your esteem and make you more confident in yourself naturally; suddenly you don’t have to pretend anymore.

Men of reddit, what is a man secret that you think every man should know? : AskReddit.

Para llegar a la explicacion mas logica y simple por lo regular se requiere un proceso ilogico y complicado.

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

It’s really hard to keep momentum going when you really don’t know what is going to happen next.

Right now I expected to at least have rent covered for the next month, but that is not going to happen. As it is right now, I can only aspire to a minimum wage job that will let me cover expenses, but no more than that.

Para llegar a la explicacion mas logica y simple por lo regular se requiere un proceso ilogico y complicado.