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Tonight I encountered a bad surprise:

This was the first time in over a decade after being murdered (electronically, that is) I connected to this network. I… I do feel like something has gone into the night, never to return. I expected for there to be at least three or four people. The hardcore users who, no matter what, would be there to show a friendly /whois to anyone who cared to join.

I was a hardcore IRC user. I jumped IPs, ran bnc, shells, anything to hide my real location and identity.

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Vi fb hoy y me dio asco de las sonseras que ponen. Al menos aqui si se puede uno insultar mas honestamente

dyzyla, 03:26:33 on #Mexico Undernet.

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nullrend: a mi nunca me toco eso. Estaba batallando con Mac OS y Windows :p
nullrend: eh, siempre me ha gustado el soporte tecnico, asi que esas dos plataformas son las que mas chamba me han dado
animalito: esop si
animalito: mas el windows, es una maravilla para el trabajo de soporte
animalito: siempre le falla algo

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lo que si no podemos negar.. es que la mejor cumbia de todos los tiempos… es la negra tomasa

<@[Ian]>, #Mexico, Undernet

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