Short break

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Short break

Minnesota Capitol

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Minnesota Capitol

Given the (lack of) land armor you can tell this isn’t Minneapolis.

Unita y ya.

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Unita y ya.

Bueno qué sean dos…

Your day

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Your day

Organize album order in Flickr

I like Flickr. I have been a paying user for years, since the heady days of Web 2.0. Very photo, so web.

But their documentation fucking sucks. It went down in quality when Yahoo took over, and SmugMug isn’t doing much better. But anyway.

Here’s how to reorganize the order in which albums in the Flickr mobile app show up:

  1. Log in to Flickr on the web
  2. Go to the Albums & Collections section of the Organizr.
  3. At the top of the page make sure Viewing: All Albums is selected.
    Flickr Album Organizr
  4. On the right panel order the albums whichever way you want.

Making this change will have effect in two places:
– The Albums page on the web
Flickr Album page on website

  • The Albums page in the mobile App.
    Flickr Album page on Android mobile app

Neither the Flickr Help Center nor the Help Forum have any posts about this. Now, I’m using the Android app but I assume the iOS-based versions will also follow the ordering set in the Organizr panel.

I wish Flickr enabled a few things:
– Sorting by album metadata (alphabetically, album creation date)
– Sorting by picture metadata (make bigger/smaller albums show up first/last). This would include sorting by last album upload, so albums used the most get shown first.
– Make Collections a first-class citizen on the site. They’ve been relegated as a little used organization tool that no one uses and when it does get used it isn’t showcased.

Flickr has so much to win now that Instagram is being integrated ever more into facebook’s grubby infrastructure.

Flickr, continued

A’ight so as I was typing before, Flickr has changed some things about how they do things after they got themselves bought by SmugMug. However, for our purposes the big change actually happened years and years ago, when Flickr officially deprecated the MetaWeblogAPI.

However, they did not disable it, as you can see on many posts on this here blargh site. What they did do is hide those URLs that are not longer supported, specifically this one:

Flickr: Your Blogs –

I’m putting that on it’s own line so it’s obvious where the hell you’re supposed to go. So once you’re on that page be aware you can remove links but you cannot add links. They also took away the ability to configure things on their end (like the size of images, the caption, that kind of shit).

Right now I’m thinking of letting it be since it doesn’t bother me too much, but I’m going to have to be on the lookout for a WP plugin that pulls photos in, as opposed to having Flickr push pictures onto here.

Flickr, interrupted

Flickr deprecated its support of the MetaWeblogAPI back in 2014 but it’s been working okay so far so I never thought of updating the thing since it was working Just Fine™ and I wasn’t going to start fucken about with this. I’m okay with the state of the thing as it is right now but it’s probably time to start looking at other solutions. Since I—

And then stuff at work went to shit while I was typing this, so I’m getting this from where I left off.

Don’t remember where I was at. I’ll pick up later. Shit to do.

Flickr: here we go again

So in the future, when the revenue coming from paying members is small enough to ignore, and the advertising numbers come in below expectations (as they often do), my fear is that Yahoo will come to an almost inevitable business decision: To kill Flickr.

via The new Flickr: Goodbye customers, hello ads | TechHive.

I’ve been a Flickr user for… a long time (actually, I went to try and find out and it doesn’t tell you anymore) and a paying Flickr Pro member on and off for about 4 years. I joined in when it was riding high on the web 2.0 wave and stayed during the slog that were the years of Yahoo acquisition.

Now… this. They want fifty bucks just for not displaying ads. No other benefit but that. Sure, I like the new website design, and the new mobile app… but the underlying functionality of the site will be much downgraded now, and the mobile app still will not post to Twitter.

Hell, I’ve received mails from Flickr telling me to convert to a free account from my paid Pro account. They want to let go of a sure 25 dollars so they can put ads on my pages; ads that most likely will not pull 25 dollars — much less 50 dollars — in a year of service.

Like Mr. Powazek says, that gamble better pay off, although I’ll hedge my bet and say that in two years time, it won’t have and Flickr will be unceremoniously killed by the suits at Yahoo.

Once again, Flickr is being treated like a fucking database.

Oh flickr…

This is what’s wrong with flickr, right now. You know things are bad when something that should be working 100% of the time doesn’t.