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After my update to Karmic Koala I found myself in need of a new music player, specially after using the godsforsaken mess that is Amarok 2. In my search for a new music player for Linux I happened to find Exaile. It describes itself thusly:

Exaile is a music manager and player for GTK+ written in Python. It incorporates automatic fetching of album art, lyrics fetching, artist/album information via Wikipedia, Last.fm scrobbling, support for many portable media players including iPods, internet radio such as shoutcast, and tabbed playlists.

It takes a lot of inspiration from Amarok 1.4 in its layout and design choices and since it’s written in GTK you don’t have to install any KDE dependencies.

Even though it’s up to version 3.0.2 at the time of this writing, it should be considered alpha software. Beta at the most:

  • Playlist import/export doesn’t really work. You can import only from M3U playlists and export to XSPF playlists. The other choices don’t work.
  • Overuse of playlist tabs.
  • Most plugins don’t work the way they’re supposed to.

On the plus side, the developers offer a repository for it, so you don’t have to jump through hoops like you do when you want to use SongBird.

After attempting to use it for a couple of days, I’ve decided it’s not for me. Hopefully I’ll get SongBird working without too many problems.

Karmic Koala

All in all, a good update, with only a few issues here and here. Except for sound. Dear gods, the more I deal with the piece of screwmotherfucking shit that is PulseAudio, the more I hate it. Perhaps PulseAudio isn’t the one to blame, but Canonical’s implementation of it certainly sucks zebra donkey’s balls.

I am seriously contemplating migrating over to Debian just to avoid having to fight my way to a decent system configuration. This is something that happens every single release.

Seriously, they fucking nerfed volume controls this time around. There is only a single control for Master this time around. You say you want more controls? You’re SOL. You’ll have to use good ol’ alsamixer to set volumes for Master, PCM, headphones, etc, separately.

So much for ease of use.

Ennui, as of November 9th

I don’t really have a passion for anything these times. Days pass in a blur, punctuated by brief periods of fleeting happiness occurring only on the weekends.

I write this on a calafia, feeling the cool wind move my hair across my closed eyes. When I open them everything has a bluish tint to it and hair strands untangle themselves from eyelashes. Yet I don’t feel depressed.

It probably has to do with a thoroughly unsatisfying end to a good weekend; or the fact I didn’t get my morning coffee.


No matter how many times I try, it is likely I will never be able to go to sleep before 00:00 if I’m running on eight hours of sleep.

On occasion I have been able to… usually after days (and nights) where I haven’t slept, if at all.

The proof is in this writing. Made it at 01:00.



Yeah, so it’s quiet

I realize I haven’t posted as often as I’d liked, but these days I’m pretty busy working on ENTJ, a site to keep track of what’s going on around Tijuana.

It is very much a work in progress, but I trust it’ll grow :)

Bien merecido

Hoy no fue un buen día para mi. Para nada. Y no fue precisamente la lluvia.

Lo que si puedo decir es que me di cuenta que el détente que vivimos no durara por mucho mas. Terminarlo significa que tendré que atacar primero, cuando he estado esperando ser atacado. De hecho todo mundo me ha dicho que sea yo quien de el primer golpe, que sea un golpe fuerte, y que sea a la cabeza. No queremos zombies echando a perder el futuro del niño.

Suficiente lo que me paso a mi, para que le pase a el.

Tuviste tu turno de dirigir la obra y no hiciste nada. Ahora es mi turno, mírame quemar tu escenario.

Well deserved

Today wasn’t a good day for me. Not at all. And it wasn’t exactly the rain.

However, it has made me see the détente we’re in will not last much longer. To end it means I’ll have to strike first, whereas I had been waiting to be hit. But then again everyone has been telling me to strike first, and strike hard, and strike the head. Don’t want any zombies running around, messing up the kid’s future.

It is quite enough what happened to me, to have it happen again to him.

You had your turn at running the show, and didn’t do anything. Now it’s my turn, watch me burn down your stage.

Sonido en Linux, o la falta de

Tons esta este articulo en el sitio del New York Times acerca del enfoque de Ubuntu en lo Mainstream. Es un buen articulo. Pero nunca va a pasar.

Preguntas por que? Por el sonido. Ya sabes, la cosa que tu cerebro procesa como entrada auditiva.

No voy a decir mucho al respecto, ya que otros lo han dicho mejor de lo que yo lo podría decir:

Yo solamente he tratado de hacer funcionar una diadema con Skype en mi computadora. Tuve que molerle a las cosas durante una hora antes de que Skype funcionara como se supone debe hacerlo. Esto con una diadema barata de 50 pesos sin control alguno; nada de esas chidas diademas USB para mi por que ya se que no funcionan con el sistema operativo de mi elección.

Todos esos APIs, servidores de sonido, sistemas y demonios…. son ganado Augeo cagándose en el establo; necesitan ser llevados al rastro y el establo ser limpiado. Quiza el Sr. Shuttleworth lo pueda hacer.

Sonido en Linux? Esta completamente roto; cada vez que veas artículos anunciando “Este es el año de Linux en el escritorio” por favor procede a abusar del autor hasta que te canses.

Digo esto como un usuario de Linux — tanto en casa como en el trabajo — y como alguien que empuja software libre encima de todo mundo. Supongo tendré que dejar de empujar la gente hacia Apple ahora.

Linux Sound, or lack thereof

So there’s this article on the NYTimes about Ubuntu’s focus on reaching the Mainstream. It’s a pretty good read. But it won’t happen.

Why, you ask? Because of sound. You know, the thing that your brain processes as auditory input.

I won’t say much about it, since others have already said it far better than I could:

I’ve only tried to get a headset to work on my computer with Skype. Had to fiddle with settings for an hour before Skype worked the way it was supposed to. Mind you, this is a cheap-ass run-of-the-mill headphones-and-microphone headset without any controls; none of those nifty USB headsets for me because I know they do not work with my choice of operating system.

All of those APIs, sound servers, systems and daemons… they’re Augean cattle mucking up the stable, and they need to be slaughtered and the stable cleaned out. Perhaps Mr. Shuttleworth is up to the job.

Sound on Linux? It is completely broken; whenever you see articles announcing “This is the year of Linux on the desktop”, please proceed to abuse the author to no end.

I say this all as a Linux user — both at home and at work — and as someone who pushes open source software on everyone. Guess I’ll have to stop doing that and push people towards Apple instead.

Año Nuevo

Tuve un Año Nuevo bastante peculiar, ya que pase casi toda la noche como el Dr. Adel Ortega de Bunsen:

Feliz 2009! Atte. Adel Ortega

No se pueden ver aquí, pero las bolsas de basura están fuera de la toma, del lado derecho. Y si, esa es la puerta de una van policíaca en la foto.

The tambo at Zona Norte

Todo por que tome algunas fotos un pinche placa me dio una arrastrada y me mando echar al tambo. Sus trompañeros de la Zona me robaron mi iPod y en la madrugada me soltaron por la módica mordida de 150 pesos. Me pregunto lo que pasara el año que viene…

New Year’s Day

I had a rather peculiar New Year’s Day, in that I spent most of the night like Dr. Adel Ortega of Bunsen:

Feliz 2009! Atte. Adel Ortega

You can’t see them here, but the trash bags were off to the right. And yes, that is a police van sliding door you can see on the picture.

The tambo at Zona Norte

Because I took some pictures got manhandled and thrown in jail by an asshole cop, iPod stolen by his comrades in the Zona Norte, then paid 150 pesos in mordida. Wonder what’ll happen next year…

Comentarios en el sitio

Me acabo de dar cuenta que Gengo se chinga los permalinks para cualquier comentario hecho en el sitio.

Cuando tu — el visitante — dejas un comentario te aparece un error que dice “Not Found” inmediatamente después de dejar el comentario. Ademas, cuando le haces click a un link de comentario en la barra lateral te aparece lo mismo. El link original (que puedes ver al hacer un mouse-over en tu barra de estatus) es:

Cuando haces click en el, WP y Gengo hacen su magia y obtienes

Pero el URL real resultante debería ser

Creo que tiene algo que ver con incompatibilidad entre WP 2.7 y Gengo 2.5.3; este problema ciertamente no existía antes de actualizar. Quizá un cambio rápido en el .htaccess lo pueda arreglar, pero la solución real es modificar el código en Gengo en si.

Ya me están enfadando estas chingaderas de Gengo… Ya hasta le puse su propia categoría.

KOF XII: Athena

What have they done to her??? Taken from the KOF XII in Japanese.

Athena as she appears on KOF XII

It looks like after gaining weight and fighting it off she had a big depression which she then cured by having non-stop cosmetic surgery on her face, like some people who are famous just because of it. What happened to the Athena of old?

Athena Asamiya as she appears on KOF 2003

I don’t see Mai Shiranui in the character roster…

Comments on site

I just noticed Gengo fucks up the permalinks for any comment left on the site.

When you — the visitor — leave a comment you get a “Not Found” error immediately after leaving the comment. Plus, when clicking on a comment link on the sidebar you get the same thing. The original link (which you can see on your status bar) is

When you click on it, WP and Gengo do their stuff and you get

But the real URL being linked to should be

I’m thinking it’s got something to do with incompatibilities between WP 2.7 and Gengo 2.5.3; this issue certainly wasn’t there before I upgraded. Perhaps a quick fix to .htaccess can fix this, but the real solution is to change the code in Gengo itself.

It’s getting annoying, this Gengo crap… I’ve given it it’s very own category now.


The weather was hellish a week back and a lot of people is uploading videos to YouTube to prove it. I’m just putting up a few in this post:

This one shows one of the crown jewels of the current local government, the Via Rapida, turning into a canal:

This other one is a collage of pictures:

Oh yeah, Don’t forget the sports fields on the Tijuana River canal!


I only see lots of dirty brownish water running in there.

KOF XII: Athena

Que le han hecho??? Tomada de la pagina oficial de KOF XII en Japones.

Athena as she appears on KOF XII

Parece que después de subir de peso y quitárselo de encima a duras penas sufrió una depresión que solo curo operándose la cara como ciertas artistas que son famosas solo por operarse. Que le paso a la de antes?

Athena Asamiya as she appears on KOF 2003

Tampoco veo a Mai Shiranui entre la lista de personajes…


Pues anda cabrón el clima últimamente y mucha gente anda subiendo videos a YouTube para demostrarlo. Aquí solo les pongo algunos de los vídeos mas llamativos:

Este muestra una de las joyas del gobierno actual, la recién renovada Vía Rápida, siendo devorada por las aguas:

Este otro es un collage de fotos:

Ah si, no se les olviden las famosas canchas!


Yo nomas veo harta agua mugrienta corriendo por ese cauce.

WordPress 2.7

Logré actualizar sin que Gengo la hiciera de tos. Aquí esta lo que hice:

  1. Respalde archivos y base de datos.
  2. Desactive todos los plugins excepto Gengo.
  3. Actualice.
  4. Re-configure Gengo y aplique los cambios.
  5. Limpie el cache del navegador.
  6. Mire el sitio. Funcionó.

Si no funciona, trata moviendole a las opciones de Lenguage, pero recuerda de limpiar el cache del navegador cada vez que lo hagas. Gengo le da una galleta al navegador para que recuerde las cosas.

WordPress 2.7 en sí se mira bastante mono. La interfaz para escribir entradas es mucho mejor, razón suficiente para hacer el brinco.

WordPress 2.7

Managed to upgrade without having Gengo bitch out. Here’s what I did:

  1. Backed up both DB and files.
  2. Deactivated all plugins except Gengo
  3. Upgraded
  4. Re-configured Gengo settings and applied changes.
  5. Cleared browser cache.
  6. Viewed site. It worked.

If it doesn’t work, try playing around with the Language settings but remember to clear your browser cache every time you do this. Gengo gives a cookie to your browser to make it remember stuff.

WordPress 2.7 itself is pretty good. The writing interface is much better, reason alone to make the jump.

VirtualBox 2.0.6

Actualicen. Hace que Las Cosas Funcionen.

Ahorita tengo mi Nokia E62 conectado a una instancia de WinXP si tener que hacer trabajo adicional aparte del que ya había hecho. Así que todo bien.

Mi iPod de tercera generación también funciona! Los añorados días de Winamp + ml_ipod han regresado. Ya nada de sufrir con Amarok o Rhythmbox! Una razón menos para probar Songbird!

Esto, señores, es Progreso.

No quiero sonar tan condescendiente… pero la mayoría de los programas en Linux todavía les falta un tramo por avanzar, es todo. Me siento mas cómodo utilizando Winamp + ml_ipod, así que si existe una oportunidad de usarlos, la tomaré.