Chaos, corruption. Same all over.

I’m currently reading this blog, written by a Library Media Educator in South Los Angeles

She’s currently locked in a fight with the Los Angeles United School District (LAUSD) as it seeks to rescind employment of hundreds of teachers currently working for the school district.

Mind you, the posts are long and unless you are interested in education, most of it might prove boring. But being born in a family of teachers, it is of interest to me how a school system behaves.

There is so much more to say about this, but since I’m not a teacher and I’m bad at educating, I would much prefer if you would kindly read Mizz Murphy instead.

Here’s the single most important quote from any — except perhaps a politician’s — perspective (coming from this post):

It is clear that LAUSD is not trying to provide the best possible services for its students. The AP history teacher is a case in point. Student achievement is not LAUSD’s highest priority.

Through Mizz Murphy’s words, I find the LAUSD is behaving much like the SEP does back in Mexico, systematically going about destroying its own infrastructure, misusing its budget and neutralizing its human capital.

Only thing missing now is a mummy controlling the teachers’ union, siphoning off funds and resources for its own gain. Or perhaps there are many mummies, looking to privatize education and have the public pay for their scheming and ultimate failure.