Going bolshie

Take yourselves as a case in point. I’m guessing you’re the kind of people who’d prefer to feel needed rather than expendable. Well, that kind of attitude won’t do. Bosses want to keep your wages down, and that would be harder to do if you were given opportunities to make yourselves invaluable and near on irreplaceable. Bosses need to keep their options open in case some of you get ideas about better pay and conditions, or just generally become ‘difficult’ or, dare I say, ‘bolshie’.

via Why So Many Jobs Are Crappy | heteconomist.com.

Apropos to my previous post. The main cook at work is indispensable. He works seven days a week and without him no wok-fired entree gets made. I don’t know how to make those entrees yet and frankly I’m not sure I’ll even be taught how to make them. I’m sure he’s got a few ideas but doesn’t speak up lest he gets to find out what it’s like to work as a mere cook somewhere else.