ThinkUp woes

All right, so I’ve got this instance of ThinkUp too keep a backup of sorts of my tweets. Everything was working quite nicely until I tried to upgrade the thing the new ThinkUp 2.x beta.

  • Backed up the DB
  • Backed up the files
  • Setup the new files
  • Connected new installation to the DB

This is where everything went to hell. Not matter what I did, I would get this error when attempting to crawl my tweets:
401 Unauthorized: Authentication credentials were missing or incorrect.

Various things attempted:

  • Recreate consumer key and consumer secret
  • Delete application on twitter, create a new one and use new key and secret.
  • Downgrade from ThinkUp beta to ThinkUp 1.x

What I didn’t want to do was delete the service user since I’m not clear on what the exact procedure for importing a service user is.

As a last resort, I tried adding a new twitter service user; when attempting to do so, I would get to the authorization page but I wouldn’t get bounced back to the ThinkUp instance. I then proceeded to revoke access permissions for the app, then authorize it again.

Everything worked after that.

Might be a bug, might be how everything is supposed to work, but at least I found a solution on my own since the documentation is rather lacking.