For each city…

Mexico City has it good. Most pressing concern is its population.
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Minneapolis has is good too. People do love to bitch about the weather
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Saint Paul has baseball on its mind
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Tijuana is all over. Weather, the mythical donkey show, the cartel
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Cuernavaca needs to get its shit together. Safety and crime at the top.
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Fun thing is that weather is always in the suggestions, no matter what the city is.

Bouncing back and forth.

A month ago, I was moving from Minneapolis to Rochester to work at a store in which a family member is involved. The warning was the other partner was hard to work with and would grind you down if you let him.

He is a micromanager. He is an asshole. He is a bikeshedder.

In a month, he ground me down enough for me to explode at him. Merchandise was broken. I almost spent the night sleeping outside in 10°F weather.

Now I’m back in Minneapolis looking for a job to love, in which I at least have the freedom to sell the way I like to sell. To sharpen my skills and do what I love — working. Even dishwashing is a good job if you like to have people say “these are the cleanest dishes I’ve seen at a restaurant.” That’s what I want.

Sad part is, I saw what Rochester needs and wants and I think I would have been able to provide it, in time. Now I’m afraid I won’t ever have the chance.

Keane at First Avenue

“Never can an Englishman complain about the weather.”

Tom Chaplin joking about the sub-zero weather outside.

Youngblood Hawk opened and got the crowd warmed up, and then Keane proceeded to kick so so so much ass with their set.

I only regret not getting there an hour earlier than I did. First Avenue was packed even though it was a Monday night gig.

The only song I didn’t get to hear live? Perfect Symmetry. Hopefully next time.


Not here on the internets, but rather, to a new place I now sleep at.

Hell, I’ve even got a bed now. I prefer the floor, but during fall and winter one does stay warmer in a bed.

There’s still some ways to go before it is a proper room that I would love to be in, it is more fun to be alone in your room when you have a window to look out of.