Teh usual

OK, so:

  • No Sync: When the customer has some kind of issue preventing neurons from processing basic information and gaining insight into problems. Example: I ask customer to connect phone cable to phone jack. Customer doesn’t know how.
  • No Route: When the connection between brain and extremities fail. The brain is thus unable to send commands or, if such commands are actually sent, they arrive at the extremity corrupted. Example: I ask customer to close all open windows. Customer then restarts computer.
  • Slow Throughput: When the brain processes commands in an extremely slow fashion. Also applicable when said commands take a long time to be transmitted from brain to extremity. Example: I ask customer we need to restart the computer. It then takes 10 minutes of explanation for customer to realize we need to shut the computer down and then turn it back on.

Sorry, but I just had to get it out.