Earlier today I uploaded some photos from the last day of our group’s training for Macintosh tech support at Telvista to my Flickr account. After that I started poking Google Blog Search, Technorati, hi5(here, here and here) along with some other places and I found the three images I uploaded ended up on callcentering.com.

Why did that happen? I’ve got absolutely no idea; they’re not what I’d qualify as “call center news”. My guess is the site’s webmaster setup an aggregator looking for anything tagged “call center”… including RSS feeds from Flickr. That’s my guess and it could be either right or wrong but the theory is there.

I mean… we’re going to be famous now, right? xD

I’m going to keep poking around to see what else I can find besides negative criticism and “watch your boyfriend” warnings”…

PS. Found a nice little video with dubbed audio.

Well I’m bored now, so I’ll go setup a Macinteltosh group on hi5. Props to noesh for the logo.