the post that never was cuz of bugs

I wrote all this before writing the bugs post and going to sleep

I just saw a commercial by the border patrol. Those who’ve seen the marines commercials will know what i’m writing about.

Basically la migra – border patrol doesn’t have a ring to it in Spanish – like corporation made out of heroes. Agents on horseback, agents on quadbikes, agentes flying choppers. A hummer being audaciously driven. There’s even an ambulance with (didn’t count them) about 6 agents loading one mannequin onto it.

If they need 6 agents to load a mannequin, I suppose they’ll need about 9 or 10 agents for a real life person. Hey, people weight a lot more.

The last shot is some agents standing proud and a voiceover like those announcing the summer action flick says ‘border patrol, we defend America’. They put an URL to see if they’ll give you a job. Judging by the skin color, you need to have little melanine showing. That I don’t know about…

Full of curiosity I went and looked for border patrol on google. The link to that little game noeshtiosita told you about is high up on the list; perhaps it’s a coincidence, but I’m sure a comedian now has new material. But the best part is that google itself suggests a possible alternate search. Talk about opinionated algorithms :P

Now, a while before seeing that commercial I read this on boing boing. It is basically a change to copyright law of the US that allows record companies to charge for incidental copies of a song. This is a Bad Thing™, since it gives total control to teh evil corporations. The distributing companies? They keep quiet cuz they want in to all the boundless opportunities the record companies will have. If they get their way, that is.

The problem? There are only 24 hours left before the law is changed. More details here. Obviously this only applies to those of you in the US. The problem for the rest of the world is that if the law changes in the US, the record companies and the federal government will push for similiar laws in the rest of the world, Mexico included.

Here in Mexico we just have to look at the Televisa law to know it can happen.

It is here where a completely crazy thing sprang up in my mind. If americans want to be so protected… why not throw la migra at the record companies? Maybe that way they’ll put a border to their greed.

It was when i finished typing all this that I remembered the US Customs service exists to prevent people from taking original and paid for dvds into the US, and confiscate modchips for playstations…