Iris of light

Looking for something; unlock a drawer, look in, lock it back up, go to another bin. Repeat, ad nauseam.

Frustration, when her remote co-workers do unto her. When checking for information, she does not get any answers. Dropped calls, disconnected calls, hanged calls.

Her eyes glazed over. She looked… Wrong. A sudden, overpowering tiredness. Says she doesn’t feel good. She hasn’t had lunch yet, perhaps in half an hour. Tuna, is what she’ll have.

Her answer is no.

Small talk over work. Knows my boss, dislikes him too. Knows all about our sordid monetary disorders. Her boss knows about them as well. My boss showed up one day in the recent past. He yelled and they let him. Empty threats.

She’ll work on the problem, as an employee. If this gets stuck, whatever comes after might be affected as well. Should that happen there will be unexpected consequences.

She looked me in the eye. I looked back. Her answer is still no.