Of the bees

So.. everyone has read the commentary about bees missing in massive numbers. Hell, even those on the fringes have their theories.

The only thing is everything is in English. Lots of mentions on Menéame, some in Enchílame, nothing on Chido… looking on Google Blog Search there are results but refining them would be a headache. Never mind Technorati.

But all that is on the US, Europe, maybe Asia and Africa. I could not find anything concerning Mexico. I haven’t seen anything on the printed news and if there have been posts about the issue it hasn’t been scandalized yet. Beekeepers haven’t buzzed anything yet and given the level of rural development in the country when help comes their way those same beekeepers won’t be around anymore. They’ll have crossed over to the US.

And to think this all came about because of a cup of coffee with honey…