Even World War Z suffers from this

What’s even weirder: post-plague novels have this problem. So, fine, most people do not own a bicycle. But if 99+% of the population has just died surely there is a bicycle for each and every person still alive. Hiking is really optional in such a scenario. The average travel speed should be above 10 mph if almost everyone dies.

via FuturePundit: If You Want To Write A Disaster Novel.

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Bien merecido

Hoy no fue un buen día para mi. Para nada. Y no fue precisamente la lluvia.

Lo que si puedo decir es que me di cuenta que el détente que vivimos no durara por mucho mas. Terminarlo significa que tendré que atacar primero, cuando he estado esperando ser atacado. De hecho todo mundo me ha dicho que sea yo quien de el primer golpe, que sea un golpe fuerte, y que sea a la cabeza. No queremos zombies echando a perder el futuro del niño.

Suficiente lo que me paso a mi, para que le pase a el.

Tuviste tu turno de dirigir la obra y no hiciste nada. Ahora es mi turno, mírame quemar tu escenario.

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Well deserved

Today wasn’t a good day for me. Not at all. And it wasn’t exactly the rain.

However, it has made me see the détente we’re in will not last much longer. To end it means I’ll have to strike first, whereas I had been waiting to be hit. But then again everyone has been telling me to strike first, and strike hard, and strike the head. Don’t want any zombies running around, messing up the kid’s future.

It is quite enough what happened to me, to have it happen again to him.

You had your turn at running the show, and didn’t do anything. Now it’s my turn, watch me burn down your stage.

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