Never made it past Season 1 myself

The reason I feel uncomfortable watching The Big Bang Theory is because it’s laughing at me, at people like me.

Shouting Into The Void | The Problem With The Big Bang Theory….

Once again nerd culture is getting distorted by those who make TV. This time we (as geeks/nerds/$identifier) are actually expected to like people laughing at us?

In my own case, whenever I am laughed at I try to take stock of the situation. If I feel the response to that situation is unwarranted, I’ll drop off contact with the people involved, or try to avoid that place/environment as much as possible. If I cannot avoid them, I’ll just keep quiet and serious. That way there is no room for humor that could be directed at me.

Things like this make the planet a less strange word. A dimmer world. An unhappier world.