system administration

“Burn the witch!”, they yell

This is written in Rust because I personally believe that writing security critical components that we would ship with the operating system in C is a massive disservice to our users. Go also doesn’t really have a good story to do interoperability with core C system components like this (the Go runtime is massive and as of writing this post the entire PAM module I’ve written is smaller than the Go runtime, even with a statically compiled copy of libcurl).

Source: The Surreal Horror of PAM – Xe

You can already see C fanbois off in the distance carrying pitchforks and torches

I hadn’t thought about this, at all.

On the experience of working with two totally different teams: one novicepractising trunk-based development, the other very experienced being used by GitFlow.

Source: ThinkingLabs:: Thierry de Pauw – On the Evilness of Feature Branching – A Tale of Two Teams

For the longest time I’ve been bashing my head against git cos that’s what everyone uses. I hadn’t realized that not using branches is also a valid development strategy.

Maybe I should just switch to subversion for my personal projects; it seems to align better with how our mind works and as most of them are not software development but rather systems management, having feature branches just isn’t that useful.

Either the system works as expected, or it doesn’t.