Oh, Skype…

For the past two years or thereabouts, every time I’ve attempted to change my password in Skype I’m greeted with the following error:

Skype character error

No matter what OS, browser, or client I use, I still get it.

If memory serves (and I might be mistaken) Skype itself suggested you use special characters like !, @, #, $, %, ^, &, *, (, ), _, etc, to make your passwords more complex and help increase the security of your account. They wanted you to use the sort of password that is bloody hard to remember and easy for a computer to steal or crack or for another human to guess.

My guess is at some point (probably after being acquired by Microsoft), they updated their password code to disallow such characters. Which means I am now screwed as their systems literally don’t know what to do with my current password.

Maybe at some point I’ll be able to change my password, but with the migration from Live Messenger to Skype, it’s unlikely.

Oh, before I forget. If you want to use a password, it’ll have to be less than 20 characters in length. You know, for teh future lulz.