It’s done, thank Chaos

This past week was truly a week from fucken hell. Six nights in row at sysadmin jerb, three doubles in a row , then another two doubles in a row.

I’m fucken tired but with the fucken pigs doing curfews in Minneapolis and firing off emergency alerts at all hours of the day it hasn’t been easy to actually get any fucken sleep after they killed a Black guy in Brooklin Center and protests started.

Google Calendar from April 4 until April 17

I think I only survived thanks to the free coffee I get at my barista job and napping at my sysadmin job— which we try not to do because then we’re groggy the rest of the night and when the job is thinking that leads to problems.

I’m going to bed in an occupied territory. Fuck the police.

For Third Night After Daunte Wright’s Killing, Protesters And Law Enforcement Clash Outside Brooklyn Center Police HQ

Año Nuevo

Tuve un Año Nuevo bastante peculiar, ya que pase casi toda la noche como el Dr. Adel Ortega de Bunsen:

Feliz 2009! Atte. Adel Ortega

No se pueden ver aquí, pero las bolsas de basura están fuera de la toma, del lado derecho. Y si, esa es la puerta de una van policíaca en la foto.

The tambo at Zona Norte

Todo por que tome algunas fotos un pinche placa me dio una arrastrada y me mando echar al tambo. Sus trompañeros de la Zona me robaron mi iPod y en la madrugada me soltaron por la módica mordida de 150 pesos. Me pregunto lo que pasara el año que viene…

New Year’s Day

I had a rather peculiar New Year’s Day, in that I spent most of the night like Dr. Adel Ortega of Bunsen:

Feliz 2009! Atte. Adel Ortega

You can’t see them here, but the trash bags were off to the right. And yes, that is a police van sliding door you can see on the picture.

The tambo at Zona Norte

Because I took some pictures got manhandled and thrown in jail by an asshole cop, iPod stolen by his comrades in the Zona Norte, then paid 150 pesos in mordida. Wonder what’ll happen next year…