The Racist Legacy of Computer-Generated Humans – Scientific American

The technological white supremacy extends to human hair, where the term “hair” has become shorthand for the visual features that dominate white people’s hair. The standard model for rendering hair, the “Marschner” model, was custom-designed to capture the subtle glints that appear when light interacts with the micro-structures in flat, straight hair. No equivalent micro-structural model has ever been developed for kinky, Afro-textured hair. In practice, the straight-hair model just gets applied as a good-enough hand-me-down.

Source: The Racist Legacy of Computer-Generated Humans – Scientific American

Pixar continues this in their latest film: an epic to the Magical Negro trope, where the Black person isn’t portrayed as black for most of the film but rather as a blue blob.


Si no haz ido a verla, necesitas ir a verla ahora.

Sigues aquí? Ahora! que la chingada!

Pixar ha creado una obra maestra. Aunque los gorditos y los derechistas se quejen.


If you haven’t gone to see it, you need to go see it now.

You’re still here? Now, gawdammit!

Pixar has created a masterpiece. Even if the fatties and the righties complain about it.