Nokia Messaging for IM

So last night I attempted to sign on to Google Talk and MSN using the Nokia Messaging for IM app from Nokia Beta Labs. The program itself is rather good, with only a few usability flaws here and there.

But last night all that changed, as I got the following “Subscription expired” error screen:

Nokia Messaging for IM Subscription Error

After this, the phone will not sign on to any IM networks supported (Google Talk, Windows Live, Yahoo! Messenger) except Nokia Ovi. Going to the URL provided only gets you market-speak for how cool and affordable the thing is.

From what I was able to gather, it seems Nokia is following RIM’s path and beginning to associate with cellular providers to force people to get a cellular data plan in order to use its software. Never mind most of the supported phones do have WiFi connectivity on them, allowing you to bypass your provider. They want you to spend the money.

If only I were living in a country were cellular data access was cheap.

Since the application was original provided on a trial basis, I guess I can’t complain too much… except people are. This is one of the best programs Nokia has made for their phones, and here they go fucking it up.

So now I’m looking for alternative clients. So far I’ve found

  • eBuddy (free, need to create account with them first).
  • Nimbuzz (free, need to create account with them first).
  • Fring (free, advertisements).
  • Agile Messenger (pay, with trial period).
  • Cracked Windows Live clients.

None of which really convince me.

So… way to go Nokia, you little money grubber. Yet another reason why this will be my last phone from you.