It’s gentrification by any other name

Not every sector has benefited the same from the influx of digital nomads. Sarai Balderrama, the co-founder of Agencia de Arte, a digital platform that promotes up-and-coming Mexican artists to international clients, told Rest of World, “For over a year, I’ve been trying to tap into that market but they don’t seem interested in staying. You usually buy art when you start calling a place home.”

Source: Digital nomads now come first for Mexico City’s gig workers – Rest of World

The resident population of Mexico City has been screaming at these people to willingly integrate with the fabric of the city instead of just insulating themselves from it. Already thousands have been priced out by these digital nomads.

When Latin American people go to the US or Europe to work, Americans usually scream at them to integrate, and the vast majority of them do, even if they don’t speak the language. They pay taxes, they pay their bills, they spend discretionary income if they have any left after wiring money home.

But Americans and Europeans are not willing to return the favor.

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Y ora pa’onde?

No policy, though, would be able to stop the forces — climate, increasingly, among them — that are pushing migrants from the south to breach Mexico’s borders, legally or illegally. So what happens when still more people — many millions more — float across the Suchiate River and land in Chiapas? Our model suggests that this is what is coming — that between now and 2050, nearly 9 million migrants will head for Mexico’s southern border, more than 300,000 of them because of climate change alone.

Source: Where Will Everyone Go?

Mientras esto es lo que un modelo computacional prevee el Peje no quiere que le pregunten de nada a menos que sea sobre el avion.

Como emigrante leo esto y siento acongoje por el futuro que nos espera a todos. Mientras tanto, La Bestia sigue su implacable marcha.

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Of immigration and race

In a way, this reminds me of the immigration situation in America with Mexicans marching, protesting America’s immigration laws. But what they don’t want to ever talk about is Mexico’s immigration laws and how they treat their illegal immigrants. In Mexico, being an illegal is a felony and hiring an illegal is a felony. Also, in Mexico, the law states that if you have a choice, you should always hire the natural born Mexican before the foreigner, even if they aren’t illegal

Mexico also has an illegal immigration problem with other Central American countries, but they way they treat their illegals, which are the same “race” of people is magnitudes worse than the treatment they themselves receive in the U.S.

OP’s post sort of reminds me of this, in the way that everyone is so busy criticizing the great evil that they don’t even look at how they are treating the people themselves. Arabs treat the Palestinians badly similarly to (but on a much greater scale) to how Mexico treats its Latino illegal immigrants.

nitesmoke comments on IAmA a Palestinian refugee from Lebanon and I wish the Arab world gets as little as 10% of the criticism Israel gets for treating Palestinians. AMA..

So true. The original IAmA article is plenty interesting too.

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La Caminata Nocturna

Illegal Border Crossing in Mexico – YouTube.

“El parque EcoAlberto tiene una actividad única que no van a poder encontrar en otro lugar”

“El Sueño Americano es regresar a México?” “Si”

“Las peores criticas que hemos recibido, disculpen, pero es del estado, de nuestro estado de Hidalgo. Son ellos los que nos han dicho que es una burla para los migrantes. Son de ellos quienes han sacado que nosotros entrenamos a la gente para que se vayan. Pero no los preparamos pa’ que se vayan sino para que se queden, a redoblar esfuerzos y hacer las condiciones necesarias para que sean auto-suficientes.

Pero eso tambien sabes que, no le conviene al gobierno. Por que un pueblo organizado y desarrollado, no es manipulable. Partimos con el 90% de que nuestra comunidad era migrante, era un pueblo fantasma y ahorita mas o menos el 60% se queda, en cuatro años. Podrían preguntarle al gobierno de México si ha hecho eso.

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