It’s gentrification by any other name

Not every sector has benefited the same from the influx of digital nomads. Sarai Balderrama, the co-founder of Agencia de Arte, a digital platform that promotes up-and-coming Mexican artists to international clients, told Rest of World, “For over a year, I’ve been trying to tap into that market but they don’t seem interested in staying. You usually buy art when you start calling a place home.”

Source: Digital nomads now come first for Mexico City’s gig workers – Rest of World

The resident population of Mexico City has been screaming at these people to willingly integrate with the fabric of the city instead of just insulating themselves from it. Already thousands have been priced out by these digital nomads.

When Latin American people go to the US or Europe to work, Americans usually scream at them to integrate, and the vast majority of them do, even if they don’t speak the language. They pay taxes, they pay their bills, they spend discretionary income if they have any left after wiring money home.

But Americans and Europeans are not willing to return the favor.

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Fuck Jacob Frey too

After settling in, we spotted a small crowd of people circled around the boy mayor himself, Jacob Frey. Immediately, we felt like this event highlighted everything wrong in this damn city. After producers of the exhibit and folks at NAZ spoke, Jacob Frey got up to give one of the most Jacob Frey speeches I’ve ever heard—and as folks around me applauded while he got on stage, I booed.

Source: I Went to a VIP Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit and Now I’m Pissed – Racket

We kinda wanted to go to that exhibit but we couldn’t put a finger on it. This article points right at what we couldn’t see.

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