A week of self-discovery

  • We went from three jobs down to two jobs back in March and somehow… our schedule got worse? Perhaps the kitchen job at hostJerb should be counted as a third job, honestly. We’ve been telling people we work like an elemental demon to live like a mortal peasant. No one gets it :(

  • It’s becoming almost impossible to sleep at home. All the neighbors are working on their yards, their cars, their houses. There’s a bit more traffic than at the old apartment. The landlord company are working on the house. The light is bad enough, but the uneven noise is really messing our already chaotic sleep schedule even more.

  • Purchased a Nintendo Switch. I’m not buying any video games until I’ve exhausted Link’s Awakening. Love this game. Trying to figure out how to get an online membership for it without giving Nintendo any more personal data— or our credit card number.

    Screen capture from The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening

  • Decided to schedule gym sessions. It’s easier than just going there on a lark. It helps with keeping full awareness of our schedule too. We need to find a good resource for guided gym workouts.

  • The biggest change of the summer? Definitely our biking around. We decided calories are cheap and that’s really helped in getting us out of bed as long as we can get 6 hours or more of sleep between jobs. I’m not going out to party or mingle, sleep is far more important! But we’re making more of an effort to bike around instead of using rideshares or the bus, particularly at night.

    Gotta take advantage of the weather while we can. Once winter is here getting around is going to be that much harder.

Now, to find something to eat…

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Fix Logitech Mouse double-click. Permanently.

As I posted on Reddit some time ago my Logitech Proteus Core G503 Gaming Mouse started having a clicking issue, where one of the buttons would just fake pressing the left-arrow key. Usually a good slap or two of the mouse against the desk would fix it, but it is a known issue due to the drop in build quality of all Logitech products.

But fear not! I found a solution!

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Who’d have thought? 

@morganmpage: Ten years ago I would not have predicted that geek culture would plunge the world into political chaos.

I stopped feeling like one of these people long ago… Not because I grew out of gaming culture, but because I noticed those tendencies and could not put a name to them.

That and the simple lack of available time for gaming. Work is how you afford to have gaming time. The entire thread is so worth consideration. 

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Malware you willingly decide to put on your devices, for their benefit

Time passed, Free to Play became a thing. I went from company to company. Each time, every new project became less and less about how we can do cool things, and more about how we can track and target users to get the most whales possible, boost chart position and retain users to shove as many ads on them as possible.

Source: “We Own You” – Confessions of an Anonymous Free to Play Producer | TouchArcade

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On Saving Zelda

Congratulations, Mr. Aonuma – you never have. Instead, you’ve taken the teeth out of a hardcore series. There’s no real danger now, no risk, nothing to lose. You’ve redefined game designers as the ultimate helicopter parents.

tevis thompson.

My first Zelda game was Link’s Awakening; it is to this day my favorite game ever. Years later I sank hours upon hours on Ocarina of Time, and I compared it favorably to Link’s Awakening; they were the same game, with characters I knew, the item hunting I knew, the same steady acquisition of weapons I knew.

The only difference being that in Link’s Awakening, victory over the Nightmares meant the destruction of an entire world. Ocarina of Time can’t really compare with destruction on that scale. You could pick to keep playing… but that would mean never leaving Koholint Island.

I never got the chance to play The Legend of Zelda well into adulthood — and via emulators at that. The first time I played it I was astonished. Where was the Owl? Where were the people needing help? Setting out on my adventure, I got killed. Then killed again. Then killed some more. I didn’t get frustrated per se, but I couldn’t relate to dying again and again. I thought I had left those days behind me.

I left the game behind, but all this time it still beckons with the same intensity one gets from playing any Mario game, Prince of Persia (the original), Doom, Quake, Fallout, Homeworld, Diablo, Castlevania, Contra, Beyond Good and Evil, and many, many, many more. Those games make me go back to them using the same argument Mr. Thompson makes. The argument they sweetly whisper into everyone’s ears as well.

Here is a world. Survive.

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