August 14, 2022

AFAIK this was accomplished

The new scheme uses names usually derived from the location of the interface in terms of hardware buses etc: eno1, wlp1s3. The idea was that this provides “Predictable Names”, though as it turns out the main thing that’s predictable about it is that calling it this will cause furious users to pop up disputing the appropriateness of that name. (Can we just skip all that here, please?)

Source: NetworkInterfaceNames – Debian Wiki

I lol’d

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I’d pay money for this ish, too

Source: How I wish I could organize my thoughts

We are dying for something like this. Recently acquired an iPad Pro and we’re absolutely over the moon at how easy it is to take handwritten notes with it! Had a job interview and it was an absolute relief to not have the clacking of my keyboard be a distraction during the phone call. But dovetailing with the linked post, there is nothing out there that is open source that can even interface with the iOS Notes app, or any non-iOS applications that even try. Apple know they own this and it’s not because they’re good, but rather that no one else is even willing to try and compete.

There’s nothing out there, and I looked hard for a couple of days.

We’re willing to use closed source apps but it they do have interface with Nextcloud for file sync, or at least DAV. But yeah there’s nothing out there. That’s even before we bring up file compatibility. I feel this is something Mozilla could do but they’re sucking on that google dick too hard to care.

Most devs truly think you carry your laptop with you everywhere you go and can just bust it out to take notes and… no, that’s not how it works for people who aren’t in the IT sector full time.

But no, most developers out there would rather figure out how to sell your data to facebook and google because a problem like this is Too Hard™.

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