Day: October 7, 2021

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i would literally never play this game again if that happened to me

What the fuck just happened?

A slaughter.

The strategy is called FEAR. Basically, the Ratata has a focus Sash on, so when the enemy hits the level 1 Ratata, it’ll survive with one HP left. The Ratata uses Endeavor on that turn, which brings the opponent’s HP to 1 too. Unless the enemy also has a Speed ignoring move, Ratata’s quick attack will go first, chipping that last HP off. FEAR is generally understood as Focus sash Endeavor, quick Attack Ratata, but could also be known by Fucking Evil Attack Ratata.

People really out here not knowing about FEAR, smh

For the longest time I thought FEAR was the video game series.

We were so, so very wrong.

Fuck Jacob Frey too

After settling in, we spotted a small crowd of people circled around the boy mayor himself, Jacob Frey. Immediately, we felt like this event highlighted everything wrong in this damn city. After producers of the exhibit and folks at NAZ spoke, Jacob Frey got up to give one of the most Jacob Frey speeches I’ve ever heard—and as folks around me applauded while he got on stage, I booed.

Source: I Went to a VIP Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit and Now I’m Pissed – Racket

We kinda wanted to go to that exhibit but we couldn’t put a finger on it. This article points right at what we couldn’t see.