Month: May 2021

The forgotten grid

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The forgotten grid

Whatever I said before I take back.

It’s worse.


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Your car is to be used against you

Upstream also tracks the cyberattack sources between so-called white-hat and black-hat attackers. White-hat hackers do not have malicious intent. They are mostly researchers that hack into systems for security validation or vulnerability assessments. White-hat researchers are often employed and/or rewarded by the hacked company for finding vulnerabilities. Black-hat hackers are attacking systems for personal gain or malicious reasons. In 2020 black-hat hackers accounted for 54.6% of total cyberattacks compared to 49.3% of all attacks from 2010 to 2020.

Source: Now Your Car is a Cybersecurity Risk, Too | EE Times

How long until an state actor is able to remotely control a vehicle to make it reach a location of its choosing to be able to discreetly deal with someone who’s being a pain in the ass to them?

How long until some cartel gains the same capability?

How long after that until your block’s domestic abuser also gets it?

DoS attacks on your car could leave you stranded hundreds of miles from help, and then you have to go back and get the vehicle— if it hasn’t been bricked, in which case you now have to pay for towing services. Pretty sure insurance companies will not want to pay for that.


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Because the best way to finish a triple is to get stuck under concrete on the way home.

On tap

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On tap


Burrito with wage theft, retaliation, and extra employer abuse

Chipotle won’t follow labor laws unless workers force them to do so. There’s no excuse for believing Chipotle’s denials on this subject (the company called the city’s complaint a “dramatic overreach” from which Chipotle vows to “vigorously defend itself”). The complaint lists 599,693 violations — in one city, in a two-year period. That’s an enormous number. Chipotle’s slogan might be “food with integrity,” but its business model is about dishonesty, disrespect, and downright endangerment of workers.

Source: Chipotle Is a Criminal Enterprise Built on Exploitation

Don’t forget when Chipotle voluntarily joined the e-verify program so they could then fire all of their undocumented workers and not pay them the wages they worked for, nor make valid any benefits they accrued.

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Tribbles have picked the wrong man to mess with

[[*TNG theme song plays*

*Patrick Stewart runs outside and shouts* YOU MOTHERFCKERS ARE GONNA KILL ALL MY LILIES *shoots guns twice* PEST CONTROL!

*TNG theme song*]]

Best. Thing. Ever.

I can’t express how to ecstatic I am to find this video again in the depths of tumblr. It might be one of my favourite posts

Make it so there’s no pests.

Abandoned scooter

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Abandoned scooter

Urban nature is healing