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@belen_cg ahahahaha no xD @nullrend no me a hecho nada como para decirle fuck you =)



Cablemas doesn’t block it, so you should be able to setup port forwarding without issues.

Metro Fail


It’s getting to the point I’m willing to pay for my own internet connection just to avoid their service, or lack thereof.

In Cuernavaca, avoid Cablemas like the plague. Your only real option is Infinitum.

Turns out there really are UFOs in Tepoztlan.

Lost post

I was going to write a post about some things you obviously are having a good time tweeting about, dearest mother of my child.

But then I decided it wasn’t worth my time; it would be better spent learning new stuff so I can provide something good to him in the future.

You know he loves bathtubs full of warm water, right?



So we’s gots internets at home now.

Still around

Yeah so I have this place a bit abandoned. I’m waiting for Cablemas to setup internet at home so I can waste my time in a good and proper manner.

It’s not that easy to get rid of me these days… no it’s not.

At 1050 on 2009/01/10 I shall be leaving Tijuana for the foreseeable future.

Sand trickles out of my soul…

New Year, continued

I got robbed. Couple of hobos got me from the back when crossing a bridge. I’d always looked at them with sorrow but now… now I look at them with distrust.

Kill ‘em all, I say. Kill ‘em all.

I’m also thinking Tijuana is kicking me out, with assaults on multiple fronts; I’m going for strategic retreat to fight on a new front.

Incoming reality disfunction.

New Year

Incredibly, I spent it amongst other people at La Mezcalera instead of alone at basecamp. I wanted to be somewhere else, either at a big hotel or in another city. Sadly I couldn’t spare the resources for either party.

I guess I enjoyed myself a bit. A couple of beers, a mezcal. Someone got out a laptop for the countdown and that was that.

New Year's at La Mezcalera

A perfect stranger wished me a good year too! That got a smile out of me. A real smile at that, the sort that goes up to your eyes. Not the crooked one I use to humor people.

Went for tacos after that, then went home and watched a movie. The best part? Not tired at all and ready for the weekend.


Here was a post that revealed too much about my current emotional state. All I’m going to say is when I look in the mirror I see no one there.

An otherwise excellent weekend marred by my own actions; rather a lack of them.

I apologize.

Dear crackers from Iran:

This is not how you earn the favor of the people outside your country. As far as most are concerned, you can now rot under your Islamic government’s heel.

If it was someone aligned with government interests: Fuck you.


#twittposada #twittbc kicked ass, even though many people didn’t get there in the end.

Perhaps next year…


Lenny is good. Rock solid, just like the name ‘Stable’ promises.

But it wasn’t enough. So I updated to Squeeze.

That wasn’t enough. Went up to Sid. These guides helped.

So now I’m running the latest and would-be-greatest. Going to run a server with it.

Yes, I’m insane.


Today my son broke my heart.

I cried in front of him.


The people who develop suPHP are assholes for not providing further documentation than what they’ve got on their site.

On Debian/Ubuntu, the packagers are assholes for not providing a sane configuration. The whole point of suPHP is to use the paranoid setting.

The people who develop PHP as a language are assholes for not getting their head out of their asses, considering security an afterthought.

Should you need to install it onto a Debian/Ubuntu system, be prepared to devote 48+ hours to getting it up and running properly, specially if you install PHP applications using APT.


wey ayudame aca esta todo mojado