It isn’t the monetary value. It’s the emotional value.

So it turns out somebody stole the wedding rings of a friend’s mother, while at a party at her place.

Shame on you, whomever did it. If you wanted money, all you had to do was ask and everybody would have lent you some, if not given it outright.


Okay, so I just got registered to do the test on August 12. Now I just got to convince my subconcious it’s worth the time and effort to actually study for it.


This box represents your life.

The fun stuff happens while you’re not there, no matter the place you are and the place you left.

Tijuana, second pass

Yeah, I’m back in the corner of Mexico. However, my son is not. Apart from that, everything so far is pretty good. I want it to stay that way; for that to happen I need a job. Hopefully I’ll actually be able to get one now.

Cancelar Infinitum

Yeah, the title is linkbait, deal with it. Also, the rest of the post is in Spanish.

Para cancelar una linea telefónica con telmex — que es lo que pretendo realizar— primero se necesita cancelar el servicio de infinitum. Esto no se puede realizar en una tienda telmex. He aquí los pasos a seguir:

  1. Llamar al 01 800 123 2222. Ingresar el numero que tiene el servicio.
  2. Opción 1 para Ventas.
  3. Opción 1 para Paquetes.
  4. Una vez que estas hablando con un agente, informar que deseas cancelar. Te comunicara con servicio al cliente infinitum.
  5. Una vez que estas hablando con el nuevo agente, solicitar cancelación.

Lo que el agente hace es crear una orden de pre-cancelación con su numero de folio, el cual te dará. Confirmalo, no quieres andar dando vueltas por que tu letra es fea y ni tu le entiendes. La orden es efectiva durante cuatro días naturales (ojo, esto es importante).

Durante estos cuatro días necesitas llevar lo siguiente a una tienda telmex:

  • Módem con adaptador de corriente. Lo mas practico es llevar todo lo que la caja contenía desde un principio: módem, adaptador, cableado RJ-11 (teléfono/gris), cableado RJ-45 (ethernet/amarillo), filtros DSL, manuales, discos de instalación, etc.
  • Numero de folio

Si al final de los cuatro días naturales no fuiste a la tienda telmex, la orden de pre-cancelación es cancelada y el servicio continuara siendo facturado sin cambio alguno. Si cancelas en viernes, tienes hasta el siguiente lunes para ir, ya que sábado y domingo están dentro del plazo de la entrega.

Ojala y esto le sea de ayuda a alguien.

[reddit] The Original Trolls

Today, 2010 June 22

Got up early to go to Zócalo and watch la Selección lose to Uruguay.

Met a German girl during the game.

Took her to La Merced to eat quesadillas.

Then took her to Centro to eat tostadas.

Then took her to Donceles to see books. Her eyes shined.

Went to the airport to pick up a newly-arrived friend of hers.

Then went to Central Camionera del Norte to send a shipment. I’ll be taking care of that.

Quick run to Bellas Artes for camote a la leña (with lechera, obviously), and a churro filled with cajeta. Didn’t see any tamaleros around though.

Back to Central del Norte; they would go on to Oaxaca, I would stay here.

Need to learn German…

Thus it was that Man got his first vuvuzela.


Under controlled conditions, I can replicate the accent of a full-fledged chilango.

Today, 2010 June 11

Went to visit La Virgencita.

Found a few watering holes.

Heard a bit of a leftist protest. Was disheartened to see they still utterly, completely miss the online angle of it all.

Waited for it to stop raining under the entrance of Bellas Artes.

Convinced a chilean tourist to go eat at La Merced.

But when Kenny G decided that it was appropriate for him to defile the music of the man who is probably the greatest jazz musician that has ever lived by spewing his lame-ass, jive, pseudo bluesy, out-of-tune, noodling, wimped out, fucked up playing all over one of the great Louis’s tracks (even one of his lesser ones), he did something that I would not have imagined possible

I wager you 10 pesos BP changes logo before a year is up.


Some people see life in #000000 and #FFFFFF.

Others see it through #FF00CC colored glasses.

They feel the #0000FF from time to time. See everything #FF0000 when angry. Or need the #00FF00 of nature to relax.

Myself? Pretty much everything is shades of #CCCCCC these days.


May 16th was the first night I spent at my new place in Mexico City.

May 29th was the day I got my phone+internet line connected at my new place.

All I need now is a job to finish the sequence and be all set for a while.