nginx + hhvm, continued, part three

It’s starting to sound like a bad Hollywood movie. You think you’re done with it and then BOOM it comes out of nowhere straight to DVD. Back when movies did that.

So after I played around with everything, bloody HHVM kept crashing — I’m starting to think it’s a fucking piece of shit just like facebook, which begat it — and all I could get out of the various things in /var/log were that it kept running out of memory. htop didn’t really say anything, nor ps aux nor netstat

Using systemctl status hhvm.service or journalctl -xn reported only that something was wrong, but didn’t say what. Which is annoying since fucking piece of shit systemd wants everyone to use its own tools for managing the system.

Gods, I dislike systemd. But carrying on…

Checking /var/log/messages manually led me to believe that hhvm was running out of memory and not failing gracefully. So that led me to looking around. Then I got this snippet from this site, which I added to my /etc/hhvm/server.ini:

hhvm.jit = false

# service nginx restart && service hhvm restart

Since I did that I haven’t had to restart hhvm. Sure, I lose performance, but since this is my personal blog and I’ve had issues with php-fpm and hhvm I would much prefer to have reliability.

PS: Yes, I work on root. I’m a real sysadmin, not like y’all wankers who work with sudo.