nginx + hhvm

I’m not sure what I did, but I finally got it to work. My previous configuration had nginx watch out for a 502 BAD GATEWAY error to switch from HHVM to php-fpm.

Too bad that every single PHP request invoked a 502 error. But my blog worked and I didn’t check the logs cos I happily thought everything was working.

Until it didn’t.

MariaDB bitched. Then php-fpm started using 100% CPU until it killed MariaDB. nginx didn’t care cos it doesn’t use that much memory to begin with. But the end result of all this was that my blog didn’t work.

Ended up reinstalling everything from scratch. Then it somehow works. I should write up about it later so I don’t forget.

But right now I need to shower so I can be at work in a half hour. Yes, at 0630. And now WordPress is bitching about something going wrong. I’ll probably just end up switching back to good ol’ Apache with the standard PHP module in.