Spirits of food that has passed away

The three items on offer — cod, chocolate, and peanut butter — come from or are species that “may very well soon not be available to eat,” Simun explains. With the help of a wearable smell-dispensing device and an edible textural analogue, GhostFood truck customers will experience a simulation of a future phantom food.

Ghost Food.

What happens when some or all of the foodstuffs we are accustomed to eating right now are gone? I’ve read of futures where everything is grown in vats, futures where to eat a nice side of beef you have to pay stratospheric prices since the meat has to be imported from off-planet.

These futures obviously imply FTL travel and that humankind as made it to other habitable planets for long enough to create a import/export economic relationship between them.

But… what happens if that doesn’t happen? The diet of a human being a hundred years from now is going to be very, very different from my own diet, both cooking at home and dining out.