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Our ‘boss’ at work isn’t even in the city. He invests time and effort on growing another team in a city in the center of the country, where is cheaper to hire support personnel. No big deal, it’s the very nature of my sector for work to flow into places where labor is cheaper.

The problem for us is the team we’ve got here in Tijuana. A few hours ago I was informed beginning next Monday our daily work hours are reduced to 6 hours and the night shift is being phased out. This after fighting management for a few months to get our shifts reduced from 12 hours to 8 hours daily.

“There’s no budget”, he alleges; fuck that. The fucker doesn’t declare our full salary to the IMSS(social security here in Mexico). He’s changing the company’s stated reason of being with the SHCP(the Mexican Fed). Long-expired workplace permissions and documentation. Utterly stupid ideas of growing that make hiring and retaining personnel that much harder. An endless parade of workplace practices worthy of The Daily WTF.

Screwmotherfucking bastard.



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  1. UPDATE:
    So after an emergency meeting most of the team had with the guy, it turned out only the night shift people were getting the axe. Seems the owner of the company was told they were falling asleep on the job and took an instantaneous decision to remove all budget for the night shift. Problem is they didn’t get a chance to defend themselves against this argument.

    Seems the guy is famous for making bad decisions just like that, from what I’ve been told. Horror story after horror story.

    For now the day shift people will still work 8 hours and getting paid 8 hours, while the night people will get moved to the daytime and/or getting their hours reduced. No guarantees on everyone getting warned before getting shafted though.

    In addition to this, beginning next week a consulting company will be in charge of the administrative duties for the Tijuana team. At least to me it doesn’t really bode well.

    So, anyone need a sysadmin to help you out? Need a bit of managed hosting? Need tech support at home? Just go here for the info.

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